Perhaps blondes do have more fun? Kaia Gerber is known for her dark tresses like her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford. However the budding young model recently decided to step out of her mother's shadow with a dramatic makeover.

The 14-year-old shocked her social media followers last week by debuting a blonde bob, but fans need not worry since the new look is only temporary. Kaia captioned the photo, "Just a lil wig :)."



Earlier this year Kaia was announced as the face of the Alexander Wang Spring-Summer 16 collection and more recently she and Cindy appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris. The 50-year-old model shared a photo of the cover writing, "Such a special moment sharing a cover with my daughter."

In 2015, Kaia opened up about life with a supermodel as a mother, and confessed it's refreshing to know the stars don't look perfect all the time.

While interviewing Cindy in a feature for The Thick, Kaia said, "It's reassuring to know that even Cindy Crawford doesn't wake up looking like 'Cindy Crawford.' That's helped me learn to be happy with myself as I am."

what is life?!! i honestly can't breathe right now. a million thank you's to @vogueparis & @mariotestino!!

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Cindy confessed at the time that, despite her own fame, she hasn't pressured her daughter to chase a career in the spotlight.

She told Kaia, whose father is Cindy's husband Rande Gerber, "Your dad and I want you to be happy – whatever that may mean – so if modeling is something you like and want to continue, I can provide a road map and help you make good choices.

Cindy added, "But we also want to preserve your childhood and let you be a 14-year-old when you're 14. There's no rush."

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