Carrie Underwood's best advice for waking up with a flat stomach

Carrie Underwood only gave birth seven months ago, but she has already regained her incredible post baby body. And her best tip for getting her tummy back to being as flat as before is as simple as cutting out bread.

“I'm vegan, and I love bread, but recently, I started making dinner a breadless meal," she shared in the November issue of Shape Magazine. "I'll have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and I'll make a sandwich on Ezekiel bread for lunch, but in the evening I'll have protein and vegetables and no bread. When I wake up, my belly is flat!"

Carrie says her trick to getting a flat stomach is to cut out bread at dinner time Photo: Shape Magazine

The 32-year-old also gave some insight into her workouts. "After I had Isaiah, my goal was to take control of my body again," she said. "I was lucky: I gained only 30 pounds, which is the recommended amount, and I exercised throughout my pregnancy.”

The new mom doesn't like to do the same thing over and over when it comes to her fitness routines. “I like to continually mix up my routines to stay motivated,” she added. “But my favorite workout is Tabata, which I can do at home in about a half hour. I’m in love with it! It’s hard, but it really works. I choose seven different exercises, like squats, lunges, or push- ups, and do eight rounds of each — 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off for eight rounds. It really revs up my metabolism. When I’m done, I can handle anything."

The country singer recently launched her own athletic wear CALIA by Carrie and released her new album Storyteller Photo: Getty Images

Mike Fisher's wife is sure adding to her plate. As well as launching her own athletic wear company, CALIA by Carrie with Dick’s Sporting Goods which debuted at New York Fashion Week this September, the new mom also celebrated her new album Storyteller on Wednesday in Nashville.

Juggling so many things as well as a new baby can be difficult but Carrie revealed she stays in control by taking a small time-out for herself each day. "I think it's so important to sit quietly every day for 10 minutes,” she said. “In the morning, I enjoy my cup of coffee and plan the day in my head to be ready for it. And sometimes at night, I sip a glass of red wine and just relax. I've learned to give myself a break."

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