At 51, Elle Macpherson is still living up to the nickname she was dubbed years ago — the body. Now, 51 and fabulous, she opened up in an interview with Redbook magazine's August issue about being in her 50s and her secret to staying fit.

“I feel very secure within myself,” the Aussie supermodel and mom said of turning 50. “Strong, happy and motivated. Hopefully I’ve gained some wisdom over the years. And I have a sense of humor about my mistakes. I’ve accepted that I don’t always get it right, but it’s not the end of the world.”

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Being in the modeling industry for years, Elle has certainly picked up quite a few tips for maintaining the perfect skin and secrets of the trade. “A makeup artist taught me to emphasize my cheekbones," she shared. "If you can draw attention to them, it gives you a wide-eyed, youthful look without having to put on a lot of makeup.”

And to get that glowing skin, she continued: “I exfoliate my face every day and my body twice a day. I shower in the morning and the evening. I use a body brush, which boosts circulation, and I always moisturize afterwards."

The intimates designer also has some tricks of her own. She added: "If I’m at the beach, I’ll just blend some moisturizer with sand and rub that mix all over my body, and just rinse off in the ocean.”

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Elle has been doing plenty of that as she is vacationing in the south of France with husband Jeffrey Soffer and her two boys. As she shows off her amazing figure from a yacht off the shores of St. Tropez, she admitted to the magazine her secret to her physique is walking.

“I love being outdoors and doing sports like swimming, biking and hiking. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve increased my joy factor," she mentioned. "Even if I’m in New York City or London, I’ll choose to walk rather than exercise in the gym.”

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