Katie Holmes shares her best makeup tips and must-have beauty products

Katie Holmes is practically as fresh-faced as she was when she burst onto the Hollywood scene on Dawson's Creek in 1998 – and the 36-year-old global ambassador for Olay isn't afraid to share her secrets. Revealing she doesn't really have a "go-to" style, the star has opened her makeup bag to share its contents, telling us exactly how she achieves her changing array of beauty looks.


Katie Holmes has revealed her beauty secrets to HELLO! Photo: Getty Images

She told HELLO! Fashion that the staples in her makeup bag are "mascara, lip gloss and concealer. I alternate between Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel. When it comes to shades, I traditionally stick with nudes and light pinks, but if the occasion calls for it, I like playing with a bold red lip or a dramatic eyeliner."

"Generally I stick with nudes, browns and purples on my eyes," she added, speaking about her preferred daily look. "For every day, I like to stick with what I know works for my skin. I make bolder choices on the red carpets – things like smoky eyes or red lips."

"I like playing with a bold red lip," she said Photo: Getty Images

Katie also admitted that with a career in the spotlight, she has to be careful to maintain a healthy beauty routine, particularly turning to Alterna Haircare Caviar CC cream: 10-in-1 Complete Correction Leave-In Hair Perfector to keep her brunette locks looking glossy.

Katie explained, "I have my hair blow dried quite frequently for work and often use straighteners, so I often need a really good treatment to help to maintain my hair's strength, smoothness and health and help keep it in good condition."

When it comes to her radiant skin, Katie revealed that her healthy glow comes from taking extra care of her complexion. "I regularly exfoliate and hydrate my skin as often as I can," she shared. "I also drink a lot of water, and exercise to help keep my skin in order."

For long days at work, or when she's wearing a lot of makeup under harsh lighting, "I try to have a facial or rely on the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cream Wash," she continued. "It’s got a lovely creamy formula and it helps to purify and exfoliate to refresh my skin. I also love the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturizer it really helps to hydrate and balance my skin and makes it feel soft and smooth."

Katie's regime is clearly working, as her glowing skin always brings the wow factor when she's on the premiere circuit. However, she revealed that when it comes to the red carpet she doesn't follow a particular routine.

The former Dawson's Creek star also loves nude makeup Photo: Getty Images

"It's so much fun to try new things with hair and make-up for big events that I don't have a go-to beauty look," she said. "Recently I wore a 1920’s Hollywood look on the red carpet and it was so much fun. It was so glamorous and elegant. I’m very lucky to have a great hairstylist and make-up artist who are willing to have fun. I don’t mind taking risks, but I always want to look and feel like it’s still me."

When she does take those risks, Katie knows exactly when and how to do it. "For some events, a red lip is a really fun way to elevate a look, though it definitely depends on what I’m wearing," she added. "When I wear something classic or monochrome, it’s easier to play with color for my lips. When I choose something really colorful or patterned to wear, I have to choose a beauty look that doesn’t distract or feel like it is competing with what I’m wearing."

The Mad Money actress has learned a lot about beauty from her successful career in Hollywood, but there's one particular trick that she has picked up. She revealed, "One of my favorite tips is to dab white eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyes to help brighten them."

And there you have Katie's Beauty 411!

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