Royal guide to getting Kate Middleton's luscious locks

By Mary Peffer

Kate Middleton, 33, has been the subject of women's hair envy everywhere. It is not surprising that she never leaves Kensington Palace without a perfectly coiffed hairstyle whether she pulls her hair back or has an impeccable blowout. It's time HELLO! uncovers some ways that you too can easily achieve the lovely Duchess of Cambridge’s royally radiant locks — one beauty secret at a time.

Royal Roots
Spending most of your time lusting after Kate’s locks? (How is it always so shiny? Always?!) One secret is to apply a drop of keratin-based serum to your hair. It serves as an extra layer of protection to heat styled hair, cutting down on the frizz and flyaways.

Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo Relax, $40,

Tend to Tresses
We have heard brushing your hair 100 times-a-day stimulates follicles and increases hair growth. Thankfully, this isn't actually true — seriously, who has time for that? What is true is that investing in a quality hair brush, like London-based company Mason Pearson, can help keep a healthy mane intact, a few strokes at a time.

Mason Pearson Brush, $205,

Hats off to the Queen
Constantly having to fuss with your hair can get tiresome. Don’t worry — nothing says royal sophistication like an elegant hat. We’ve found one that looks very Kate and doesn’t require all the Queen’s gold, so you can be satisfied with wearing it just once or twice.

Red elegant bowknot wool felt hat with veil, $25.99,

Roll with it
Shaving a few minutes off the morning routine sounds too good to be true. Don’t worry — it isn’t. By sleeping in rollers, those lust-worthy tresses will become perfectly curled while you get that beauty rest.

Sleep In Rollers in White and Gold Glitter, $30.19,

Mane Event
Kate has been blessed with gorgeous, thick hair. If you aren’t as fortunate as the Duchess, add instant volume and length to your crown with one-click hair extensions.

HairDiamond Italia ‘Fastclip’, $78,

Posh Primer
Shampoo and conditioner aren’t enough to maintain healthy hair. Applying a penetrating masque at night can help restore and rebuild your hair’s natural beauty.

Gold Lust Transformative Masque, $62,

No raining on this parade
We can’t think of anything more British than Burberry or more annoying than the perfect hairdo getting tousled about in unruly forecasts. Pack some poor weather protection in your purse in the form of a stately umbrella.

Burberry Check Trafalgar Folding Packable Umbrella, $215,

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