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Culinary Art

Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia helps dad in the kitchen - but you’ve never seen pancakes like this before!

Alexis Ohanian cooks up some serious pancake art

 Serena Williams ’ husband  Alexis Ohanian  is one celeb dad that we simply cannot get enough off. The Reddit founder loves to share special moments he has with his two-year-old daughter  Olympia Ohanian  on Instagram all the time and we are obsessing over them every step of the way. So far the famous dad has made pasta and deliciously sweet beignets with the help of his daughter. Their latest adventure? Why, making the culinary masterpiece that is pancake art. Alexis shared some highly detailed pancakes that he with the help of his celeb kiddo with his over 600k Instagram followers — specifically two mermaids and one with Olympia’s name (talk about being skilled)!

Pancake by Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian for their daughter Olympia©@alexisohanian
Serena Williams‘ husband Alexis Ohanian loves to cook with their two-year-old daughter Olympia

In the first of the three pictures shared to his Instagram Stories section, you can see he made [what looks like] a doggie mermaid in a blue and pinky/red color. In the second image, the papá-of-one goes for a much darker motif for his mermaid, mixing purple with a much darker colored pink/red. In the last photo, the one that really ‘wows,’ is his daughter’s name Olympia spelled out in blue with a pink background. Alexis does admit he might have missed one small detail when taking on his final pancake art: he wrote her name frontwards. He captioned the photo, “I forgot to write this backwards...”

Olympia with dad Alexis Ohanian©alexisohanian
Alexis and Olympia have already made pasta and NOLA-style beignets in previous cooking adventures

Recently, Olympia’s partner-in-crime, Qai Qai, recently got caught in quite the awkward situation when she answered a video business call without her pants. Fans of Qai Qai get to see her without her iconic tutu! In early April, Qai Qai was also kind enough to release a prevention playlist to help all of us deal with quarantine fatigue and staying home.