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Don Q Rum to produce and donate ethyl alcohol - a product found in hand sanitizers

The Destilería Serrallés to give ethyl alcohol to Puerto Rican hospitals and health sector

Don Q Rum is taking things into their own hands and giving back to their community in a very big way. Destilería Serrallés Inc. has announced that they have begun production of ethyl alcohol (an ingredient of hand sanitizer) that they will be donating to the health sector and hospitals in their native of Puerto Rico. The batches that are being produced will carry a concentration level of 70% and will be a key aid in the sanitation and disinfection protocols for patients and workers in clinical settings — all of which is geared toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus).

Don Q Rum social media post about coronavirus©@donqrum
Destilería Serrallés Inc. will be taking up arms in the battle against COVID-19

In an official statement, Destilería Serallés President Philippe Brechot shared, “Given the critical health emergency that our people are going through, we have refocused our manufacturing operations to produce ethyl alcohol and donate it to the hospitals and the public health sector.” He continued, “One of the recommended products to help prevent COVID-19 is this one as a sanitary agent and disinfectant. With the broad need that has arisen in Puerto Rico, we want to contribute to our people, hospitals, and health professionals who are attending to this urgent situation.

We will be providing the product for free to eligible entities to help mitigate the current shortage of ethyl alcohol. The emergency we’re experiencing due to the spread of the Coronavirus is critical and very fluid, since it’s constantly changing. We must all contribute to stop the spread of this virus by exercising prudence and discipline in our hygiene and the social isolation requested by the authorities,” Brechot said.

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Due to had sanitizer shortages, many companies have been vowing to help make extra hand sanitizer products to help with the demand

The Destilería Serallés President also urged everyone to “follow the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the Puerto Rico Health Department” so that the spreading of the virus in Puerto Rico (and across the globe) could be contained and lives can be saved.

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