Crispy Brussels with Toasted Almonds recipe of Katsuya Brickell

Crispiness galore: the perfect vegan Brussels sprouts recipe to show off at Thanksgiving

Katsuya Brickell shares their take on this leafy green

We all want to help Mother Nature in every way we can, whether it be the things we do or the things we eat. Any small act can make a world of difference in terms of the larger outcome. One of the most helpful, and argurably delicious ways we can help is through food.

Switching to a plant-based lifestyle, even if only a couple of times a week, can have huge benefits on our wallets, planet and waistlines. The misconception with veganism is that dishes prepared under this style are bland and lackluster — we're here to tell you that is totally wrong. Case in point: this crispy Brussels sprouts with toasted almonds recipe.

Crispy Brussels with Toasted Almonds recipe of Katsuya Brickell©Katsuya Brickell
Master Sushi Chef Katsuya brings over three decades of experience to the plate and is one of only four Master Sushi Chefs in L.A.

Much like this recipe from Katsuya Brickell in Miami, FL, vegan dishes can have a lot of textures and flavors making you wish you had started living this lifestyle sooner. Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi brings his expert precision into every dish (or roll) he creates, so it's no surprise that this crispy Brussels sprouts recipe will be a hit. Check out the piquant recipe below!

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Crispy Brussels with Toasted Almonds recipe courtesy of Katsuya Brickell in Miami, FL


255 Grams of Mirin

200 Grams of Sake

250 Grams of Soy Sauce

100 Grams of Sugar

125 Grams of Balsamic Vinegar

Shaved Almonds



- Cut out the core on the Brussels

- Deep fry till a dark golden brown

- One fried place in a mixing bowl

- Add almonds, chopped scallions, and balsamic vinegar to taste

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