Meet the Nipyata, the boozy birthday accessory you didn't know you needed

Celebrate your next birthday with this boozy adult piñata

When we were niños, there were two essential things that we needed at each birthday celebration: cake and a piñata. The cake, we all know, was for all the fotos our padres wanted to take. But the piñata, that was ours.

It was total madness: one giant grouping of small humans clamoring around trying to dive for the last Chupa Chups lollipop or Smarties candy roll, while the unsuspecting ones were left to the side (usually in tears because of the chaos). Ah, memories.

We long for those days were birthday parties were simpler and had piñatas, but gone are those days forever. NIPYATA is here to save the day and provide us with a much needed boozy adult version of the beloved piñata.

NIPYATA's are made in the U.S.

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NIPYATA is the perfect addition to any party, be it a birthday or otherwise. Customize your piñata with your choice of 15 nips (aka mini plastic alcohol bottles), candy and NIPYATA Fortunes (think fortune cookies).

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They have 18 styles of piñatas to choose from ranging from a little burrito to Santa Claus to a giant Pizza-Yata. Price ranges between $59.99 to $104.99 (at the time of this article was written some are shown at a reduced rate).

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