Tortilla Ice Cream Bowl recipe from Siete Foods

The vegan ice cream recipe that’s too good (and easy) not to make

The recipe includes cacao shavings, pomegranate and coconut ice cream!

November is officially World Vegan Month and we can’t celebrate properly without some mouthwatering and utterly delightful recipes that are not only good for you, but good for the environment as well. There is a big misconception that vegan recipes are bland, which is totally and unequivocally not true.

Once you delve into the wonderful world of environmentally conscious recipes that comprise the vegan food landscape, you will find that the food is jammed packed with so much sabor. Not only that, but you can make literally anything: fried chicken, pasta and even ice cream (#yas).

Tortilla Ice Cream Bowl recipe from Siete Foods©Siete Foods
Siete Foods products are made with lots of love from the good ol’ state of Texas by a Mexican-American family

Vegan ice cream is the kind of ice cream that leaves you feeling guilt-free while also giving you a strong sense of seguidilla (which depending on who you ask it is either a Spanish folklore dance or the Dominican way of saying “coming back for seconds”).

We love anything that we can have a lot of that is also plenty good for us. Check out this almost celestial vegan ice cream recipe from the awesome folks at Siete Foods below.

Siete Foods is Latinx food brand that specializes in providing yummy grain free products. They offer products (such as tortillas, dips and queso, taco shells and more) that are inclusive of all dietary restrictions or preferences.

Vegan Tortilla Ice Cream Bowl

Prep: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Servings: 3 servings


3 Siete Cassava Tortillas

Coconut Ice Cream

¼ cup coconut sugar

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

Butter or butter alternative

Optional Toppings


cacao shavings





- Heat tortillas on a griddle over medium-high heat for 10-15 seconds per side.

- Allow tortillas to cool down slightly, then butter your tortilla on both sides.

- In a separate mixing bowl, mix together cinnamon and coconut sugar.

- Season buttered tortillas using cinnamon and sugar mixture, evenly on both sides.

- While tortillas are warm, place them in an oven-safe bowl, folding and molding them on the sides, into the shape of a bowl.

- Bake at 350F for 20 minutes.

- Remove baked and hardened tortillas from the oven and bowls.

- Scoop coconut ice cream into each tortilla bowl.

- Garnish with toppings of your choice and enjoy!

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