Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek teams up with Jamie Oliver to give you a delicious idea for dinner

The Mexican actress cooked up a traditional Lebanese dish

Salma Hayek loves to share tidbits of her life and we are here to eat it all up. On October 28, the Bliss actress shared on social media another video in her social media chronicles of #StorytimeWithSalma where she shares hilarious (or in this case delicious) videos of her on interviews.

This time around we see the powerhouse Latina with none other than British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver cooking up an extra delicious traditional Lebanese dish, kibbeh. This handheld goodness is a dish that is breaded on the outside and filled with your choice of yummy meat on the inside.

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In the video, chef Jamie asks Salma if she has ever made the dish before, after having eaten it so many times, and she says no. The two get to cooking the dish which can be found in many countries like Colombia, Brazil, Armenia and the Dominican Republic — to name a few.

Salma Hayek©@salmahayek
At one point of the video, Salma puts on her sunglasses so that she can better see the recipe that chef Jamie is putting together

The celebrity chef and the actress do a first run of the recipe, where we see Jamie assisting Salma in making the dish and later he goes off camera as to allow Salma to make her version of the kibbeh for him to try. Being the ever cheeky person that she is, she adds a bit more cayenne pepper in her recipe as a “surprise” for Jamie.

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