For many people, brewing a fresh pot of coffee in the morning is an essential and almost ritual part of their daily routine. Whether it’s from a favorite mug out or opt for something on the go, self-proclaimed coffee addicts know they need a cup to get the day started. 

Unfortunately, coffee isn’t for everyone. It has a distinct taste that not everyone is a fan of — take Kim Kardashian for example. She’s said that she’ll only drink coffee when experiencing extreme jet lag, and opts for other forms of a liquid pick-me-up in the morning.

If you’re looking to switch it up from your regular cup of joe, or maybe just want to try and create a morning routine similar to your favorite celebrities, these coffee alternatives are a perfect way to start your day. 

Caffeinated drinks

If you’re someone who wants a little boost of energy but wants to skip the usual brew, these alternatives are sure to help you get your morning started on the right foot. These options have less caffeine than your average cup of coffee, making it a healthier choice in the long run. 

Yerba mate 

Yerba mate is a traditional drink that comes from South America and is full of antioxidants made from the leaves and twigs of the ilex paraguariensis plant. Traditionally, yerba mate is consumed using a metal straw with a filter at the bottom to help strain out the leaf fragments. Its caffeine content is slightly higher than that of green tea, but tends to leave you without the jittery feeling an average cup of joe will give you. Yerba mate boasts benefits like helping to lower blood sugar levels and may even lower the risk of heart disease. Former President Barack Obama, Argentine football star Lionel Messi, and even Pope Francis indulge with yerba mate regularly.


Another beverage that has gained massive amounts of popularity in recent years, matcha is finely ground powder of green tea leaves that are grown and processed in a specific way. The process includes growing the tea plant in a shaded area, cooling and drying the leaves, and finally grinding the leaves into powder on a stone mill. Rather than steeped like classic teas, matcha powder is whisked into hot water to create a delicious, frothy brew. The Japanese green tea has become so popular that Drake even invested in a matcha cafe, MatchaBar, based out of New York City. 

Green tea

There are tons of health benefits that come with drinking green tea — it can aid with weight loss, it’s loaded with antioxidants, and it can even improve your brain function. Compared to some other caffeinated alternatives, green tea still has a good amount of natural caffeine. Loose leaf tea will have more caffeine than tea bags, but in general a cup of green contains between 30 and 50 mg (the average cup of coffee has about 95 mg.) Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston and Christina Aguilera enjoy a cup of green tea in the morning, and reap the health benefits all day long. 


Chai originates from India, where the world refers to any kind of tea. What most people commonly associate with “chai” is the spicy, milky brew that contains a variety of Indian spices. While there is no one particular recipe for chai, the most common spices are cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg. Popular coffee chains sell latte versions of chai, which tends to be favored by those in Hollywood. Several years ago Starbucks even created a chai blend named after Oprah, a self-proclaimed tea aficionado who says her taste in teas run towards the spicier and more robust blends.

Bulletproof coffee

While it may still technically be coffee, this popular drink has some beneficial additives that take it a step beyond a regular cup of coffee. It is a high-calorie drink, and is intended to replace a meal at breakfast. Dave Asprey, author of The Bulletproof Diet and the man behind this popular drink, claims that consumers won’t think about having a real meal for 4-6 hours. Bulletproof coffee is made with butter (the original recipe calls for grass-fed, unsalted butter) and MCT oil, along with specially sourced coffee beans. It’s especially popular with dieters who follow a keto or low-carb lifestyle. Shailene Woodley and Jimmy Fallon have both praised the drink for giving them longer lasting energy throughout the day. 


While this probiotic drink dates back thousands of years, kombucha has only become a trendy beverage of choice in recent years. Grocery store shelves are filled with a variety of flavors and brands, and companies creating regular and hard kombucha have popped up across the country. This fermented tea contains helpful antioxidants, and its probiotic properties can improve digestion and balance your gut. Some consider kombucha to be popular among hipsters, but stars like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Zoe Kravtiz help to take it to the mainstream.

Non-caffeinated drinks 

Starting your day off right doesn’t need to mean pumping your body full of caffeine. Give your morning a healthy boost and try one of these non-caffeinated drinks instead. 

Lemon water 

If you want to wake up feeling flawless, and like Beyonce, reach for a glass of water with lemon in the morning. It’s recommended that the water be warm, so your body is able to absorb it and begin reaping the benefits faster. These benefits include giving your immune system a boost with high levels of vitamin C, stimulating brain and nerve function, and aiding digestion. Beyonce enjoys the benefits so much that she even tries to drink an entire gallon of lemon water a day! Along with Queen Bey, stars like Gisele, Jennifer Aniston, and Miranda Kerr all swear by starting their day with a citrusy glass of water. 

Bone broth 

Whether you sip it straight, use it in a soup, or as part of a marinade, bone broth is a highly nutritious broth to add into your diet. Halle Berry is among the many advocates for bone broth, writing on her Instagram that it’s her “secret weapon” to defy age and to look and feel younger. Made by simmering bones and connective tissue of animals, this nutritious stock can relieve joint pain, boosts immunity, and can even help fight common colds and flus. Drinking bone broth in the morning can help fight inflammation of the gut and protects the stomach lining throughout the day, and its high protein content can leave you feeling fuller longer. 

Celery juice

One of the latest juicing trends, celery juice drinkers know that the hype is real. Most people don’t know that celery is considered to be a superfood, and it is high in vitamins and minerals, along with being anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and gut-friendly. Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium, has been sharing the health benefits of celery on his social media channels for over a year, and people are starting to pay attention. Kim Kardashian is one of the latest to hop on the celery juice trend, saying that while it may not be the best taste, it’s proven to help alleviate psoriasis symptoms. Other celebs who are blending up this stalky green include Jenna Dewan, Pharrell Williams, and Busy Philipps.

Apple cider vinegar

While it may not be the most tasty option on our list, apple cider vinegar shots are a popular choice for those in the natural health community. Beauty fanatics and wellness gurus swear by taking a shot of ACV first thing in the morning due to its ability to boost digestion and even amplifying your glow. Vinegar also helps to kill bacteria, lower blood sugar levels, and can even curb your appetite. Kardashian sisters Kim and Kourtney are both fans of drinking ACV, with Kourtney enjoying it twice a day. Katy Perry shared that her mother was extremely health-oriented, and she grew up drinking apple cider vinegar. 

Golden milk 

In the last year we’ve seen turmeric become yet another popular trend, used in everything from breakfast cereals, body scrubs and of course, delicious morning drinks. Turmeric can aid in reducing muscle joint inflammation, help to balance hormones, and contains antioxidants. It may not be the most traditional spice to use in the morning, but a glass of golden milk on its own or in latte form has become a popular AM beverage. You’ll find stars like Priyanka Chopra and Thandie Newton kicking their day off with a glass of golden milk. For a simple at-home version, combine coconut milk, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne and enjoy! 

Drinking too much coffee can have negative effects on your body. You may have trouble sleeping, experience additional anxiety and even keep your stress hormones more active. If you want to start your day like your favorite celebrity, these coffee alternatives are the perfect way to do it in a healthy way. 

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