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Isabella Montoya Paz brings Peru Fashion Night Out to New York City

Conscious buyers will have access to all kinds of eco-friendly products

Isabella Montoya Paz, founder, and creative director behind PAZ Lifestyle, a multi-brand e-commerce platform based in New York, will open a boutique pop-up at the Refinery Hotel throughout September.

Starting on Saturday, September 4, conscious buyers will have access to all kinds of eco-friendly products that go beyond fashion, including bath soaps, charcoal toothpaste, bamboo charcoal dental floss, and home decor.

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The sustainable lifestyle destination with Latin American roots will also hold events to tribute to its Latinx origins. On Friday, September 10, attendees will have access to the Peru Fashion Night Out. During the event, model Juana Burga and environmental activist Marina Testino will make an appearance. “The purpose of the event is to promote Peruvian culture, therefore we are working hand in hand with PromPerú. We want to show the Peruvian talent that exists inside and outside of New York,” Montoya told HOLA! USA.

Throughout the month, Isabella will also organize a Latinx Heritage Week Panel and a Climate Week Panel to shed light on the impact of the fashion and beauty industry and climate change.

According to Isabella, PAZ Lifestyle was born “as a destination for a sustainable lifestyle through art, culture, and aesthetics; where centuries of craftsmanship and new generations of conscious design are aligned under the same space.” The founder also adds that the “philosophy of PAZ Lifestyle starts from finding a balance between the needs of the consumer and the well-being of the environment.”

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Isabella Montoya Paz, founder, and creative director behind PAZ Lifestyle

“My ultimate goal with PAZ Lifestyle is to work with nature, not against her. It is a platform where ethical brands rise together to contribute to a more circular economy,” the founder says.

What differentiates the platform from the rest is that all the PAZ Lifestyle brands are aligned under the practice and support of Latin American artisan work. Furthermore, in line with this thinking, 90% of PAZ Lifestyle’s brands are companies founded by women, and 75% are BIPOC.

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Among the firms belonging to PAZ Lifestyle, clients can find Peruvian brands, such as Ayni, Blanca Pukara, Greta, Imani, Lima Sagrada, Loti, and Paz. In addition to the Mexican brands Doizpe and Malaumx; the Ecuadorian brand Allpamamas; Colombian businesses Palma Canaria, Lina Osario, Vattea; and the Bolivian brand Ponchos Rojas.

United States’s businesses founded by Latin American designers are also part of the project, plus other conscious brands from different parts of the world.

To be part of this exciting and educational experience, guests can visit the Refinery Hotel, located two blocks from Bryant Park and within walking distance of all the legendary Fifth Avenue shops.

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