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Khloé Kardashian sparks controversy in new promo photos

The TV personality is being accused of heavily editing her photos to the point she doesn’t even look like herself

Khloé Kardashian is being accused one more time of heavily editing her photos to the point she doesn’t even look like herself. Kardashian sparked reactions after the promotional images of her new collab with Ipsy — a monthly subscription service that provides a makeup bag packed with deluxe cosmetics samples — allegedly made her look like Beyoncé.

After the photos were released, people took Twitter seeking answers. “Somebody PLEASE tell me why khloe kardashian is doing beyonce cosplay [sic],” one person asked, while others shared memes and videos. “Another day, another face for Khloe Kardashian,” another user wrote.

A few Beyoncé stans weren’t too happy with the comparison and asked to leave the “Black Parade” and “Black Skin Girl” singer out of the conversation. “Her face looks nothing like Beyoncé, leave her out of this,” the person tweeted.

Although it is unknown who exactly edited the images when it comes to A-listers, campaign images regularly have to be approved by the celebrity to be distributed. In May, the 36-year-old reality TV star was dragged all over social media for allegedly sharing a Facetuned photo of herself.

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“Who is this?” a person asked, while another immediately wrote that the person in the image wasn’t her.

Users also joked that Khloé Kardashian was like Jaqen H’ghar from “Game of Thrones,” a character with the ability of changing faces.

The Kardashian/Jenner family have been accused multiple times of using Photoshop and other editing tools to make their faces look flawless, their bodies contoured, and their skin tanned. The worldwide known family has also faced backlash for allegedly doing blackface and cultural appropriation.

In 2015, her younger sister Kylie Jenner had to defend herself on social media after posting a photo of herself that made her look like if she was painted. “This is a black light and neon lights people lets all calm down,” Jenner told fans.

In 2019, her other sister, Kim Kardashian was accused of being “racially insensitive” after appearing on a magazine cover with darker skin. “Kim Kardashian often appropriates black female culture to get attention,” one person wrote under the image. “It says a lot that she continuously pulls these antics to get attention, knowing she’ll upset black women - the same black women that have supported her business. She’s a culture vulture in blackface.”

For many people, this behavior is part of the Kardashian/Jenner strategy to keep themselves in the spotlight. “The thing with Kim Kardashian and her family’s tireless history of cultural appropriation and Blackfishing is that she knows better. They know better,” a person tweeted. “But they continue to do this because they know outrage sells. They’re able to keep their name relevant by doing things like THIS.”

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