Ana de Armas and her favorite white sneakers that match any outfit

The white shoes Ana de Armas is wearing everywhere

This actress reminds us that tennis shoes can be a super chic accessory

If there’s any substitute for white sneakers, they’re probably still being designed. This type of shoe combines maximum style and comfort—two elements sorely needed these days—like few others can. This might be why  Ana de Armas wears them all the time, or, maybe, it’s just a not-so-ephemeral accessory obsession of hers.

Ana shows off the versatility with these fashion classics by combining them with seasonal and basic pieces to create a wide range of looks. With plenty of determination, this Cuban-Spanish star embraces sporty fashion trends by emphasizing the more feminine side of traditional sneakers.

Ana de Armas wearing a print dress and white tennis shoes©GrosbyGroup
Of all the footwear out there, this star tends to choose sneakers

Although face masks have become the norm over the last several few weeks, every outing is an opportunity to swap out light leggings and sandals for boldly printed dresses and, of course, white sneakers. The solid white leather sneakers with front laces contrast with the semi-transparent summer dress worn by the Knives Out actress when out walking her adorable little dog.

Ana de Armas wearing a monochrome look and white tennis shoes©Getty
Ana de Armas walks with Ben Affleck in her beloved sneakers

Linked to highly demanding athletic disciplines, sneakers have been the centerpiece of multiple trends over the last decade or so. However, Ana prefers the more refined version, the same shoes that allow her to evade flashing cameras when walking with her boyfriend  Ben Affleck. Depending on the weather, the actress wears maxi skirt sets or workwear-inspired pieces, like her often-commented Gucci boilersuit, to go with her sneakers.

Ana de Armas in two casual looks featuring white tennis shoes©Grosby Group / Getty
Ana de Armas wears her sneakers to run errands or take a stroll with her boyfriend

In recent weeks, the Bond girl doubled the sneakers’ potential by wearing them with two distinct outfits. First, she wore a little black dress made of soft leather and then she wore jeans and a burgundy velvet bomber jacket (also designed by Gucci).

White Saint Laurent tennis shoes©Saks Fifth Avenue
A pair of white sneakers will always be in style

After seeing the actress go for white sneakers over and over again, it’s easy to fall in love with them, don’t you think? So, if you’re ready to add them to your collection, we’re ready to reveal that Ana’s shoes are Andy Leather Low-Tops by Saint Laurent, one of her favorite brands. They have a rounded toe and a smooth and discreet side logo, and they’re available for purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue for $525. We are sure that many will copy her style, even post-quarantine.

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