Sirapop, Kablito partnership
Fearless fashion

‘Anti-fashion’ brand SIRAPOP partners with Latina artist Kablito for a sustainably-luxe collection

Meet the dynamic duo behind this unconventional label

Anti-fashion brand may sound unnatural for a label that is indeed all about clothing. But when you think about the fashion industry’s impact on the planet, it all makes sense. Emerging ready-to-wear brand SIRAPOP, founded by Sirapop Dechraska (who goes by Gabby) and his co-founder and fellow Parsons School of Design graduate, Sofia Ortiga, works against fast-fashion with a made-to-order approach, allowing for less waste. The creatives abide by sustainability using raw materials, particularly fur and silk to create luxurious statement pieces for those who favor uniqueness and aren’t afraid of standing out.

Kablito, Sirapop©Ashley Frangie
Kablito wears the silken fabric Biker Jacket

Aside from merging their talents to combat overproduction, Sofia, who is Colombian, loves to celebrate fellow Latinx artists. One of their latest collaborations is with Ecuadorian urban artist Kablito, who inspired them to make a delightfully-versatile three-piece collection. Sofia and Gabby worked with stylist Eugenia Gamero and hair and makeup artist Paloma Alcantar to bring their visions to life.

“Kablito embodies what SIRAPOP believes in. She is fearless, courageous and unique and has knowledge of the fashion industry,” said the one-half of SIRAPOP in a statement. “This collection is very special to us, as our goal as a brand is to try to transform the concept of sustainability in the industry. We think her image alone is anti-fashion, Kablito breaks all the rules.”

Keep reading to learn how this dynamic duo and rising star live their partnership.

HOLA! USA: How was the design process between you and Kablito?
Sirapop: “We used our signature pieces and we made them wearable, comfortable and mundane. Sometimes fashion can be a little bit overwhelming, so I decided to use fabrics that people feel more familiar with. Kablito is cool and authentic, and we love that about her. Who she is and what she expresses is exactly what we were aiming for our drop to feel like; real. So we decided that Kablito should be the one to direct the campaign. We wanted her to show the realness behind her life, so the story was inspired by her “off-duty” daily life. Very mundane. She did a great job, and we are extremely grateful she shared such an intimate time with us.”

Kablito, Sirapop©Ashley Frangie
The singer rocks the Denim Cropped Top

Did you always know you wanted to be a fashion designer?
S: “I find inspiration for designs in the details. Mundane activities that we may overlook sometimes are the source of my inspiration, which is extremely hard for me to shut down. When I start designing this recollection of memories talk for themselves through my designs.”

How did you feel about being approached for this partnership?Kablito: “I very much appreciated the interest of SIRAPOP wanting to capture me in such an intimate way with a beautiful team of women behind cameras who made this experience easy and fun.”

Have you ever done any fashion collaborations in the past?
K: “I have. As an artist it's very important to always look for different channels to express myself, and I enjoy collaborating in other industries outside of music.”

Kablito, Sirapop©Ashley Frangie
Sirapop’s latest drop is a luxe three-piece collection

How do you like to wear these Sirapop pieces?
K: “I like combining them with pieces of vintage clothing that I own, mixing the old with the new and dressing them down with sneakers or combat boots.”

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