Denise Mercedes
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Plus-size Latina influencer Denise Mercedes proves you can rock the same trends even if you’re curvier

Denise Mercedes uses fashion to spread body positivity

Say what you want, but the digital space can be a great place to share positive vibes – especially on Tik Tok! More and more people are joining the latest social media craze for it’s fun and non-comparing content. One of our favorite accounts to follow is Latina fashion influencer Denise Mercedes (@denisemmercedes), who not only slays the fashion game but also spreads the powerful message that plus-sized women and petites alike can also wear all the cool and trendy pieces of the moment.

Fashion influencer Denise Mercedes©@denisemmercedes
Denise and her bestie Maria defy fashion assumptions

Not only does she provide her more than 600,000 followers with fashion inspiration, but she also enlightens them with body positivity. In her mini-series called “Style, Not Size!” The Dominican influencer appears with her best friend Maria Castellanos, who is a different body type to Denise’s but they both wear the same exact outfit or a highly similar one to showcase you can rock any look at any size.

The duo appears wearing everything from short mini dresses to skin-tight jeans and the cutest crop tops, and we have to say they both look amazing in every single one of their looks! Denise’s approach to style reinstates fashion is all about having fun and confidence is key to feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Denise Mercedes fashion influencer©@denisemmercedes
The stylish duo share their identical looks on the social app

Aside from joining in on the app’s trends (songs, dances, etc.), Denise also gives style tips on how to rock the same t-shirt dress in two different ways, how to style basic turtleneck dresses, and she reminds her followers that: “you’re beautiful at any size.”

Denise Mercedes©@denisemmercedes
Denise is on a mission to spread body positivity

The fashion maven is also the founder of #BecauseitsMYbody, which is described as: “A campaign dedicated to women and men of all sizes and color!” She encourages others to share their photos using the hashtag to spread awareness, and for that, we salute her!