Jennifer Lopez se decanta por el estampado tropical, esta vez en clave sport de acuerdo a las fashion trends primaverales

Jennifer Lopez gives us a sporty version of her most iconic look

The celeb once again dazzles in this exotic print

Few women have grabbed as many headlines with their outfits as Jennifer Lopez did in her unforgettable green Versace dress. The iconic silk chiffon dress with its plunging neckline sauntered down Versace’s runway for a second time when JLo herself closed the spring-summer 2020 catwalk in an updated version of the emblematic look. However, the celeb recently reworked the look, swapping the dress for a more sporty take on it. She wore a matching pants and shirt set and accessories with the same lush tropical pattern made up of palm trees and exotic flowers, reaffirming her status as a fashion icon.

Jennifer Lopez in tropical print pants and top©GrosbyGroup
With this more casual look, the star reworks the exotic floral print among her street style looks

Total tropical look

Jennifer is an expert in effortlessly combining pieces in the most vibrant prints and colors. The Jungle Print – as it is known in the fashion world – covers her tight-fitting pants, shirt and even her cross-body handbag (all designed by Versace, of course).

This fusion of greens and yellows covered in images of leaves is nicely balanced out by the white of her shirt and sneakers.

Jennifer Lopez in a tropical print outfit©GrosbyGroup
The white pieces and metallic accessories create the perfect contrast for this spring look

Casual glam

The tropical print trend often resurfaces and whoever wears inevitably becomes the center of attention. Jennifer Lopez’s casual look detailed with palm leaves, ferns and flowers shows that it’s an ideal print for day or night. The metallic touches are essential for emphasizing the glam effect of these outfits.

Jennifer Lopez in a tropical print outfit©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer Lopez’s casual look can be transitioned from day to night

Inspired by Nature

This season, fashion brands are presenting an endless amount of pieces with tropical prints in a range of colors, from green like in this example, to orange, lilac, rose pink, and even sky-blue. Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Marni and Louis Vuitton are releasing exotic patterns with dresses, blazers, wrap around skirts, blouses, stockings and all types of accessories that all exude freshness and sophistication.

Perfect for bold fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez, the jungle print is one of the most prominent trends emerging this season. Don’t miss out!

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