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Eva Mendes radiates confidence in one of her all-time favorite looks

The Cuban-American beauty explained the allure behind her outfit

A day after Eva Mendes revealed what her least favorite body region is, the Cuban-American beauty shared one of her favorite fashion looks. The actress-businesswoman took to social media to post a photo where she was styled by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Next to the pic where she appears wearing a dark dress by Calvin Klein featuring a plunging neckline, Eva wrote, “Look ma, no pits! (That won’t make sense unless you saw my post from yesterday).” She continued,” Lots of you ask about my favorite looks.”

Eva Mendes©@evamendes
Eva revealed she likes her makeup to not be “overly done”

“I gotta say this is one of my all time faves. I love being mostly covered but with just the right type of natural cleavage revealed, minimal jewelry and not overly done make up.” The 45-year-old star appears radiant with a bronzed glow we all tend to covet – especially during the winter months.

Eva’s sartorial choice lends for a surprise as she’s often associated with retro-inspired silhouettes such as chic midi dresses featuring cinched waists and voluminous skirts or classy peplum tops teamed with refined pencil skirts. However, the mom-of-two is totally entitled to keeping it fresh when it comes to fashion.

Eva Mendes©@evamendes
The fashion designer said this was one of her all-time favorite looks

Her line with New York and Company defines much of her fashion sense with most of her inspiration coming from Latin fashion icons. "I look at women like Maria Felix. She's this amazing icon. I love to look at those women of those paths and look at what they were accentuating, look at what they were like,” she said during an interview with HOLA! USA.

“[They were] sexy in the way that I respond to it. [It was something like a] beautiful blouse, but then a very, very, very cinched waist and then a full skirt. It was just so elegant. I love going back to the Latin icons,” she said.

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