Kat Von D

In need of a new pair of shoes? Please look to Kat Von D for your next purchase because the artist extraordinaire is debuting a new luxury vegan footwear line. Von D Shoes will provide a variety of kicks (and pumps) that are high-quality and above all else, cruelty-free.

Kat Von D is launching a vegan, luxury footwear line

The tattoo artist, who became a vegan in 2013, decided to create Von D shoes, after realizing all the footwear in her closet was made "out of leather or snakeskin, or the adhesive used was derived from horses.” “It was really difficult to find things that matched up to the way I liked to dress," she told InStyle. "I also looked around at all of my vegan friends and everybody was struggling in the same department.”

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As for the shoes, expect a variety of styles. The former L.A. Ink reality star focused on creating different pairs of shoes, including unisex styles."It was really important to me to get vegan shoes on everyone's feet. The quote-unquote 'women's styles' come in sizes 5 to 12, just to be able to hook up all of my drag queen friends," she explained, adding that she dislikes the fast fashion industry so wanted the collection to last a lifetime."Whether you buy one, two, or three styles, they're going to last you forever," she added.

Von D Shoes will debut on World Vegan Day (November 1)

The collection, which will be launching on World Vegan Day (November 1), is made from sustainable products like mushrooms, pineapples and apples, all items Kat believes "imitates leather in every single way.” The 37-year-old designer also revealed the collection is hand-crafted and high-quality. “We actually found this factory in Italy that is comprised of families of artists. These are people who have dedicated their lives to shoemaking and really appreciate it as an art form,” she explained. “Our shoes are made in the same factories as Gucci, Chanel, Dior, and Jimmy Choo - that's the level of quality that you're getting.”

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