Anna Kournikova fashion maven

Anna Kournikova reveals her secret to fashion and style

It's all about simplicity and minimalism

Anna Kournikova is the gal who has it all: the cute, talented husband – Enrique Iglesias, the adorable kidsLucy and Nicholas, the professional success (she was once ranked among the top ten female tennis players) and of course a fantastic sense of style. The former tennis star has a great body and is constantly looking the part.

So where exactly does Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias’ boo, shop? Well, the Russian diva confessed that she does not actually enjoy shopping and prefers to buy everything online (Oh! How trendy of her!). 

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Anna has described her style as very basic, opting for simplicity when she has the chance. She revealed that she does not like spending a long time getting dressed and is not a fan of trendy pieces. She's said, "If I like my black jeans I’ll wear them to death.” The blonde beauty always chooses to prioritize comfort and enjoys mixing up simple black and white items. 

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And for shoes? Well, of course as an athlete we’ve seen her wearing many different sneakers and flat-soled shoes, but she is also a fan of really high heels. “I'm the kind of girl who goes with really high shoes or flip flops. I don't do in between.”

So, where should we go if we want some Anna Kournikova-style inspiration? Simple: online! Anna is a big fan of online shopping because she gets too anxious at the stores. Her favorite brands are Singer22, Shopbob, Revolve Clothing and of course, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. 

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