Princess Diana's former stylist Anna Harvey reflects on dressing the royal

Apart from her groundbreaking humanitarian work, Princess Diana has also been remembered as a fashion icon. Princes Harry and William's late mother often pushed the boundaries of what was previously expected from royal family members thanks in part to her stylist Anna Harvey. Beginning with her honeymoon wardrobe following her 1981 nuptials to Prince Charles, Anna helped created some of Diana's most memorable looks.

In a feature for the UK's The Telegraph, the stylist admitted that when it came to the Princess's outfits there was initially uncertainty because they were both unsure about royal fashion etiquette.


Stylist Anna Harvey worked with Princess Diana for many years Photo: Getty Images

"Neither of us really knew that much about royal etiquette and what was expected of her style-wise," Anna shared. '''We're going to Balmoral and we have to dress for tea,' Diana would say, and then we'd have to guess about the style of dress she should wear and find lots of options. She very quickly jettisoned gloves. The Royal family all wore them, but Diana just preferred not to."


The stylist said a turning point came when Diana wore a one-shoulder white dress from Hachi to attend the James Bond Octopussy film premiere.

"It was quite ahead of the game, fashion-wise, and considered a bit 'much' for the Princess of Wales – she looked too good," Anna explained. "Still, I think that was when she realised that, if she was clever, she could make a huge statement with what she wore and where she wore it."

This dress apparently helped Diana to realize she could "make a huge statement" with her clothes Photo: Getty Images

From that point on, Anna revealed that Diana became increasingly confident in her style, wearing bold colors and fashionable pieces from high profile designers who "felt honoured to work with the Princess." Anna said, "Everyone was always so nervous, but Diana put them at ease. She started off so shy and ended up so confident. It just shows what we can still all learn from her."


An exhibition showcasing some of Princess Diana's most memorable outfits is set to go on display at Kensington Palace February 24 to commemorate the 20 years since her untimely death. In honor of the anniversary, it was announced over the weekend that a statue of Diana will be erected on the grounds of Kensington Palace later this year at the request of her sons.

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