Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell gives her best health and beauty tips

Earlier this year, Stella Maxwell officially became a Victoria's Secret angel. And the blonde beauty, who has been romantically linked to pop star Miley Cyrus, gave HELLO! and inside look at her beauty tips – and said she's thrilled to have received her VS wings.

"The wings are so exciting," she said in an exclusive interview with HELLO! Fashion as she promoted the new Body by Victoria range. "Every time I put them on, it gives me a little shiver up my spine."

Stella admitted she was excited to become an Angel Photo: Getty Images

She also opened up about making her debut in the lingerie brand's 2014 catwalk show. "It was a nerve-wracking experience but in the best way," she said. "It's all good nerves. It gives you a little adrenaline rush that you can't help but perform off."

The atmosphere of the annual extravaganza goes some way in helping, too. "You're walking to the best performers, you're in amazing lingerie and every girl just feels so good," she enthused. "We're all so excited backstage, we gossip all the time and it's just really good vibes. It's the highlight of my career, for sure."

Walking for Victoria's Secret was a career highlight for Stella Photo: Getty Images

Angels are known for their grueling exercise regimes, but Stella told us that she hasn't had to make too many changes since becoming an angel. "I've always liked going outside and doing activities," she said. "So I just continue with that. I love going on hikes and I like being outside. There's so many things you can do and I love to do exercise with other people so even a game of badminton or a game of tennis."

As for her diet, she said that she has "always been into healthy eating and I drink lots of water – I think that drinking water is the key to life."

The beauty credits drinking water to her good looks
Photo: Getty Images

Stella is a fairly new angel, having received her wings in April. But she has already bonded with the other girls. "Every time I work on a shoot, I get to know different girls and you spend so much time with them," she said. "I'm really building friendships with them and it's just been an amazing experience to just hang out and travel the world together."

Speaking about the new Body by Victoria range, Stella revealed that it's particularly exciting for her to be launching the collection as it's "very my style." "I like the fact that I can wear a t-shirt over my bra and you're not going to see the lace," she said. "It's comfortable, it's soft and it's for everyday use. You can wear it under your t-shirt and then once you take your bra off, it's a sexy piece to wear under."

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