At 54 years old, Julianne Moore consistently emerges as one of the best-dressed stars, competing with starlets half her age. And in a new interview, she reveals her style evolution and rules for effortlessly gracing the red carpet.

The actress stunned in this shimmery gown at the Golden Globes this year Photo: Getty Images

“My style has gotten better, hopefully,” she tells Harper's Bazaar in their April issue. “It’s like everything: practice makes perfect. There was one year when my kids were little, and every time I was photographed, I was wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a T-shirt and a bandanna. It was so bad, my publicist was like, ‘Get it together!’”

But this past year she worked with stylist Leslie Fremar to create some incredible fashion moments during award show season. She not only won on the red carpet in a Chanel Haute Couture gown, but also won the Oscar for Best Actress at the 2015 ceremony.

Julianne was a winner on the red carpet and at the Oscars Photo: Getty Images

The star admits that it isn't always easy looking flawless. “We’d all be lying if we said we aren’t watching what we eat,” she says. “Of course we are! I think we’re also really stressed. I’m not a stress eater. I get nervous and I don’t eat. But, you know, I had a dress on the other day, and I said to my manager, ‘When you see my back fat sticking out, tuck it back in! Be a friend!’”

She made everyone green with envy in this gorgeous gown Photo: Getty Images

While not afraid to put herself on display for a dramatic role, the actress did refuse to show off one thing: her manicure. While on the red carpet for the SAG Awards, Julianne turned down a request to showcase her painted fingers on the E! mani-cam, spawning the #askhermore movement. "I’m 54 years old,” she says in the cover story. “I can’t make my fingers walk; it’s humiliating! And a guy asked me to lift up my skirt to show them my shoes, and I said, ‘I don’t need to do that. Let’s keep some dignity.’”

Showing off her her less formal side, Julianne donned this bright yellow frock Photo: Getty Images

Her unintentional strong stance worked — at the Academy Awards, she was asked about her films and enjoyed the night as an Oscar winner.

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