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HOLA! USA Interview

In the Heights star Gregory Diaz IV talks working with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Marc Anthony and more

Get to know the rising movie star who plays Sonny in Warner Bros. Pictures’ musical movie

Gregory Diaz IV has 96,000 reasons to be excited. It won’t be long now before the 16-year-old actor leaps onto the big screen as Sonny in the highly-anticipated film adaption of  Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway sensation  In The Heights. The NY native says he’s in love with the Tony-winning musical, which chronicles characters on Manhattan’s Washington Heights, and would’ve been excited just to watch a film version as a spectator. Of course, then he received a call to audition.

Get to know the talented star on the rise as we chat all things In The Heights, the FaceTime from Lin-Manuel Miranda he almost didn’t answer, his next dream project and more.

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NOAH CATALA as Graffiti Pete, GREGORY DIAZ IV as Sonny, COREY HAWKINS as Benny and ANTHONY RAMOS as Usnavi in Warner Bros. Pictures’ IN THE HEIGHTS.
HOLA! USA: So, you’re Gregory Diaz IV… were any of the other Gregory Diaz’s in your family entertainers?
You got your start in musical theatre, so I’m assuming you were a big fan of the ‘In the Heights’ musical?
Getting that audition must have felt pretty wild then.
Then you got the part of course! Can you take us through that moment?

Then you got the part! Can you take us through that moment?
What a moment. That must have felt like a dream.
That must have been amazing. Flash forward to once production began, what was your first day on set like?
Sonny is much more fleshed out in the film. How much input did you have in creating the film version of him?

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Marc Anthony plays Gregory’s dad in In the Heights
Filming a movie musical is quite a different animal. What was the most unexpected aspect for you?
And that’s on being a pro! In a musical theatre run you have the privilege of growing with the role and trying new things each night. Did you feel any pressure to get things right on film when you had limited takes?
The film has an incredible cast and crew with it all really funneling down to Lin-Manuel Miranda. What was it like working with him?
Another legend involved is Marc Anthony. What was it like having him play your dad?

marc anthony in the heights©@gregdiaz4
Marc Anthony plays Gregory’s dad in In the Heights
It must feel wonderful to have the movie finally coming out after hitting delays due to the pandemic.
At the heart of it, this is really a story about dreams. What’s your next dream project look like?
We hope they call you!