Paloma Mami Nuevo Album


Paloma Mami’s first album, ‘Sueños de Dalí,’ has the potential to become the soundtrack of your life

The New York-born rising star is inviting you to dream and understand what is on her mind.

Check your favorite music platform because Chilean-American singer Paloma Mami has arrived to take over your playlist. The New York-born rising star is inviting you to dream with her first album ‘Sueños de Dalí.’

Paloma has been working non-stop to put together this project. And after releasing multiple singles (’Religiosa’, ‘Mami,’ ‘Goteo’ and ‘For Ya.’) and collaborations with prominent artists, she knew it was time to give her fans what they have been waiting for since her debut in 2018. In addition, the Chilean is making her television debut on the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ with a performance of ‘Traumada,’ off her debut album.

In an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA, the star shared the creative process of ‘Sueños de Dalí’, how her family keeps her grounded, and the immeasurable love she has for her fanatics.

“ I’m overwhelmed with excitement to say the least. This is my first album, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Every song takes you on a different journey and I know so many will identify with each of these moments and feelings that I’ve expressed through each song,” Paloma.
Paloma Mami debut studio album Sueños de Dali
“Dalí is an artist that I’ve always related to; since I was younger. And now even more because I’m in the public eye like, like he was,” Paloma. Photo: Daniel Toledo
We are going through challenging times, and more than ever, it is imperative to start asking how you are and how your family is doing?
During quarantine, you used your time to be productive and finish your first album Sueños de Dalí. What is the inspiration behind the name?
How long did it take to finish the album?
The album has 11 songs, each one of them you considerer them your babies, but can you tell us, as of right now, which one is your favorite?
Paloma Mami Sueños de Dali
“My fans are so amazing. I try to always reach out to them whenever we can. They’re the best fans in the world,” Paloma. Photos: Daniel Toledo
Speaking of songs, one, in particular, included a sample of Ivy Queen’s iconic 2003 hit, “Yo Quiero Bailar.” Are you planning on releasing a remix of that song with La Diva del Reggaeton?
Is there a difference between the Paloma Mami from “Not Steady” and the Paloma Mami who just released her first album?
You talk a lot about your fans. Can you please tell us about the connection with them?
Fans are important, but your family is your support system. When you told your parents that you wanted to become an artist, what was their reaction? Did they support you right away?
Paloma Mami
“I got my style from New York and also being a tomboy growing up in New York. I got influenced by many hip-hop singers that whole era of the 90s,” Paloma. Photos: Daniel Toledo
Let’s talk about your roots. Can you please tell us what do you love the most about being Chilena?
Your sense of fashion also has to do with the place where you grew up. Tell us about your style.
Do you think you would launch a fashion line in the future?
We wish you nothing but the best, and now it is time to enjoy your first album. Please send a message to your beloved fans and those who will appreciate your music for the first time.
Paloma Mami
Photos: Daniel Toledo