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Netflix’s Bird Box is coming back to the screens with a Spanish-language spinoff

One of the biggest hits of 2018 will start filming a sequel this year

One of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2018 is coming back to the screens, but this time with a Spanish-language spinoff. Eighty-nine million households watched the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box, starred by Sandra Bullock, within the movie’s first four weeks of release.

Now the content platform and production company want to bring producers Dylan Clark (The Batman) and Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), and writers and directors Alex and David Pastor (The Occupant; Carriers; Incorporated; The Head) to create the film’s first sequel. According to Deadline, Adrián Guerra and Núria Valls, producers of The Occupant and Spanish hit The Invisible Guest will also be joining the team.

2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Show©GettyImages
Sandra Bullock accepts the Most Frightened Performance award for ‘Bird Box’

The film’s cast and name are still yet to be released; however, the production is due to start filming by the end of this year in Spain. The publication reported that Ainsley Davies for Chris Morgan Productions, Brian Williams for Dylan Clark Productions, and filmmaker Susanne Bier would serve as executive producers.

Bird Box is based on a 2014 novel written by Josh Malerman. In 2020, the author published a sequel novel named Malorie. The horror film follows the character Malorie Hayes, played by Bullock, as she tries to protect herself and her two children (Boy/Tom and Girl/Olympia) from entities that make people lose control of themselves and commit suicide.

After years running from the entities, Malorie, the children, and their pet birds embark on a trip while blindfolded down the river to reach a community that managed to keep the monsters away.

In 2018 Bullock said she was hesitant about being part of the story. “I thought it was intriguing, but there was something about it that didn’t click,” she said during the Netflix film’s panel at Deadline’s The Contenders award-season event.

“I don’t relate to someone who doesn’t want to be a mother; I don’t relate to someone who isn’t warm and can’t love freely. Then I read it a few years ago, and it hit me in a way that I can’t explain.”

“To have someone who’s that cut off then be forced to be the sole caretaker of human beings that she didn’t want to begin with, what does that bring out of you—and what is family?” the actress added. “I think that’s the beauty of this. It shows you that family is who shows up and risks themselves to make sure the people they love are OKAY.”

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