Jenny Lorenzo
Exclusive Interview

Comedy stars Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo open up about their podcast ‘Hyphenated’

Joanna and Jenny want people to feel ‘less alone’ after they listen to ‘Hyphenated’

Earlier this month HOLA USA! shared an exclusive digital cover introducing the new era of Latino Podcasters. A part of that list was the amazing podcast “Hyphenated” brought to you by Pitaya. The show is hosted by comedy stars Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo and is about the experience of living “hyphenated” between two cultures. As Latinas in the United States, both have developed their comedy around what it means to be bicultural. Every week, Jenny and Joanna have hilarious, and inspirational conversations about the peculiarities of being both American and Latina. You might already be fans or have seen these ladies on your screens in one of their viral videos. Joanna is a Venezuelan-American comedian, writer, and actress who became a star on ‘Flama,’ Univisión’s bilingual digital platform and her viral videos have more than 70 million views online. Jenny is a Cuban-American actress, writer, and content creator, known for her YouTube sketches with characters inspired by her Cuban heritage. Jenny is also one of the founders of ‘PeroLike,’ BuzzFeed’s Latino content platform. Her videos have more than 25 million views on YouTube and millions more on her other social networks. In this exclusive interview, HOLA USA! had the opportunity to talk to the hosts about how it all go started, and how they hope the podcast helps listeners feel ‘less alone in their hyphen.’

Hyphenated Podcast©Pitaya
Hyphenated Podcast
HOLA! USA: So how did this podcast come to life?

I feel like since I was born I did not make sense to anyone. [JOANNA]

HOLA! USA: Do you remember that moment in your life that you realized that you were sitting on this fence where you weren‘t really Latina enough, or American enough? And even Jewish enough for you Joanna.
HOLA! USA: So whenever you listen to a podcast you feel something after. When I listen to my murder/true crime podcasts I‘m like, *acts out the chills* What do you hope that people feel like after they listen to an episode of Hyphenated?
We want to remind people that they’re not alone in their hyphen, they’re not alone in feeling like they don’t fit any mold- that’s actually a strength [JENNY]
HOLA! USA: Is there anything else you want to share with people who are reading and resonating with your story or just anything you want to get off your chest that you’re feeling today?

HOLA! USA: I know you both have a lot of stuff going on outside of Hyphenated, what else can we look forward to?