Dionne Warwick and Cardi B

‘What is that?’

Singer Dionne Warwick got introduced to Cardi B, and now she has some questions

Although the rapper’s charisma had a good impression on Warwick, she needs an answer.

Singer, actress, television host, and former Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization, Dionne Warwick, took social media to reveal she discovered Cardi B thanks to her niece Brittani. “After today, I can confidently add ‘Cardi B’ to the list of people my niece has opened my eyes to,” she tweeted. “Cardi B is authentically herself,” Warwick later added. “I have only seen video clips. No music yet.”

The 80-year-old singer didn’t learn about the Dominican descent rapper through one of her music videos because she saw an episode of “Cardi Tries,” a series on Facebook Watch starred by the star. “I did not listen to Cardi B’s music. Brittani sent me a video on the YouTube and a clip from her show where she dances with the very effervescent @msdebbieallen!” she wrote on Twitter, referring to Cardi B taking ballet lessons from American dancer and choreographer Debbie Allen.

Although Cardi B’s charisma had a good impression on Warwick, the New Jersey native has a question. “I do have one question. What does Offset mean?” Warwick quipped. “Is there also an Onset walking around somewhere?” she joked.

After receiving thousands of replies, Warwick had to remind her followers that she wasn’t looking for disrespectful answers. “I do not like the mean responses. Cardi B and Offset are human beings with feelings. Keep it kind,” she wrote.

Offset Birthday Celebration©GettyImages
Offset and Cardi B attend Offset Birthday Celebration.

Used to social media haters, Cardi B told Warwick not to worry. “It’s ok Miss Dionne I get it all the ti@e [time]. This new generation is wicked!” she wrote.

Although the word is on mainstream media and all over social media and music platforms, thanks to Kiari Kendrell Cephus, known professionally as Offset, there are multiple answers to Warwick’s question.

According to the Oxford dictionary, “offset” refer to:

As a noun

  • “A consideration or amount that diminishes or balances the effect of a contrary one.”
  • “The amount of distance by which something is out of line.”
  • “A sloping ledge in a wall or other feature where the thickness of the part above is diminished.”
  • “A bend in a pipe to carry it past an obstacle.”
  • “A method of printing in which ink is transferred from a plate or stone to a uniform rubber surface and from that to the paper.”

As a verb

  • “Counteract (something) by having an opposing force or effect.”

Despite the definitions available, Dionne Warwick prefers answers from a close source, and ask Cardi B for details. “Keep being you! While I have you... What does Offset mean?” she wrote.

The world is still waiting for Cardi B’s response, whose not only a reliable source of information but also refuses to call the Migos rapper by his real name. “You know what? She calls me Offset all the time,” he revealed to GQ. “You know what‘s weird? When she calls me Kiari. ’Cause, when she calls me Kiari, the temperature is like... ya know what I’m sayin’? Just not a good moment when she calls me my real name,” he said. ”But yeah, she calls me Offset, for sure. It’s not weird to me; I rather you call me Offset.”

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