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Selena Quintañilla’s family reacts to Netflix’s new hit ‘Selena’ series

See what the late singer’s family thinks of the show

Selena: The Series hit number one on Netflix almost immediately after debuting. The late Tejano music icon’s family is emotional over the news, as they were heavily involved with the production.  Selenas sister  Suzette Quintañilla  took to Instagram on Saturday, December 4, a day after the show’s premiere to share her joy.

“GUYS!!! OMG!!! Waking up and seeing this is insane and Beautiful!” she wrote, referring to the series topping Netflix’s U.S. trending chart. “THANK YOU THANK YOU for this love you have always given to our family.”

The 53-year-old Texas native, who executive produced the series alongside her and Selena’s father Abraham Quintañilla Jr., also shared a candid reaction to her Instagram Story. “I have a lot to say, but I don’t want to start crying so I’ll just leave it for another day,” she said, “but thank you so much on behalf of my family for embracing this amazing story that we were able to tell.”

Suzette opened about the series in a previous post, saying it’s “not the movie,” which starred  Jennifer Lopez , “it’s more.” She elaborated: “It’s all about our life and the grind to get there when it seemed unattainable. Some will get it and love it and some won’t and that’s okay. Won’t be something new for us, it happened for the movie too when it came out... and look at how it’s a classic 20 plus years later being shown worldwide all the time.”

“I will never make apologies for what we do with our family,” she continued. “I’m grateful for this huge platform we have been given on Netflix. This type of opportunity DOES NOT HAPPEN TO LATINOS often... okay hardly ever if you really wanna know!”

Suzette then revealed fans will be treated to a second season! “Not one season... but 2 seasons about a mexican american family from Texas who worked their asses off and NEVER gave up.”

Selena and Suzette’s brother Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III did not work on the series, but he certainly approves of it. “I watched the whole @selenanetflix series till this morning,” he wrote on Instagram. “I am a fan of @netflix especially for their original movies...I want to personally congratulate everyone that was involved in making “SELENA”...You guys rocked it!!! I love it!!!”

Selena: The Series is now streaming on Netflix!

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