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Exclusive: Luis Gerardo Méndez makes a mark in Hollywood with his first leading role in the film ‘Half Brothers’

The actor and producer talks about his film directed by Luke Greenfield. Focus Features is bringing all the laughs this holiday season, with one of the most heartfelt comedies.

Luis Gerardo Méndez is from Aguascalientes, a small town in the heart of Mexico. He’s one of country’s biggest stars, yet Méndez remains humble and grounded to his roots. He is the type of person who is charismatic and personable, making you feel like he’s your good friend who you’ve known forever. It is rare to find that in a person who has achieved so much success. He is just getting started in the U.S. as we have a lot more of Méndez coming our way with his upcoming projects.

The actor found success in Mexican films and television shows before really rising to fame with his 2013 comedy film, ‘The Noble Family.’ If his name sounds familiar, you might have seen him in Netflix’s ‘Club de Cuervos,’ or last year’s ‘Murder Mystery,’ where he starred alongside  Jennifer Aniston and  Adam Sandler. Méndez also appeared in 2019’s ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ and he has recently signed on to be a part of the third season of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ on Netflix. 

If that wasn’t enough on Mendez’s plate, the actor has a new action thriller series directed by Oscar winner Juan José Campanella set to premiere next year. Now, his most recent venture is the film, ‘Half Brothers,’ which is premiering in theaters December 4th. It is a film that Méndez hopes brings laughter and joy to people at the end of an unprecedented year.

The Focus Features movie is based around two very different half brothers who are forced on a road trip together to find out their father’s story. The film highlights important themes, such as immigration and stereotypes which are topics that we don’t see touched upon that often in Hollywood. Méndez not only stars in the drama comedy film, he produced it, and even helped inspire the storyline.

Méndez sat down and chatted exclusively with HOLA! USA telling us how he has been coping during quarantine, what he is doing to break into U.S. mainstream movies, and how working on ‘Half Brothers’ helped him bind a relationship with one of his real life family members.

“The beautiful thing about this kind of project is that the subjects and the themes are the ones you want to speak about.”
Luis Gerardo Mendez makes a mark in Hollywood with his first leading role in the film ‘Half Brothers’©Hola
Luis Gerardo Méndez leads and produces ‘Half Brothers’, a comedy about a Mexican business man who meets his crazy American half-brother for a road trip to discover the truth behind their father’s life.

How have you been holding up these past few months during this uncertain, bizarre time?
Luis, you’ve achieved enormous success in Mexico, being one of Mexico’s biggest stars and now you are skyrocketing in the U.S. How does all of this feel for you?
You deserve all the success you’ve achieved so far! Now, you mentioned ‘Murder Mystery,’ ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ what was that experience like to all of a sudden be working alongside Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler? Was that a surreal moment for you?
Now to add to your impressive resume, your new film, ‘Half Brothers’ is coming out later this year. You not only star in the film but you also executive produced it. What was the experience like producing while simultaneously acting in it?

‘Half Brothers’ starring Luis Gerardo Mendez is coming this holiday season©Hola
This iconic Hispanic collaboration tells the story of Renato’s journey, played by talented Mexican star Méndez, as he goes back into an emotional encounter with his long lost father, played by Colombian actor Juan Pablo Espinosa.
“I honestly think that comedy is the best vehicle to talk about these things,” Mendez affirms. “I have this image in my head: when someone is laughing, they’re opening their mouth - and that’s a perfect moment to give them a spoon of truth. Of course it’s a comedy about parents and daddy issues and brothers. But I think it’s also a beautiful metaphor for Mexicans and Americans. It’s a very important subject to talk about. So it was very important for me that the script was funny and moving. And it was a long process but I’m very happy with the script that came out of it.”
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The movie is incredible and touches upon a lot of heavy themes in a lighthearted, comedic way. Why was it important for you to include themes such as immigration, stereotypes, and being different in this film?
Luis Gerardo Mendez and Connor Del Rio in Half Brothers©Hola
What was one of your favorite parts of working on ‘Half Brothers?’
Luis Gerardo Méndez stars new film 'Half Brothers'©Hola
Now you can add producer to your resume, so what is something next on your list of things to achieve in your career?