Christina Ricci In 'Addams Family Values'

The Addams Family Sequel Announced for Halloween 2021

Don’t miss out on the first teaser!

A sequel to last year’s animated movie The Addams Family is on its ways! And the film is going to be released just in time for Halloween 2021! Check out the film’s first teaser! The first film made over $200 million at the worldwide box office, thus making a sequel something inevitable. It is definitely one of the Halloween season favorites.

Director Greg Tiernan said in a statement, “The success of last year’s animated film was proof of the enduring legacy of The Addams Family and its ability to transcend popular culture. This second film will be every bit of fun as the original. We are thrilled to welcome Bill Hader and Javon Walton, and to welcome back our incredible original cast for this exciting next chapter in the Addam’s journey.”

Bill Hader joins the voice cast as a new character, Cyrus, while Utopia actor Javon “Wanna” Wilton will voice Pugsley, the youngest of the Addams siblings. The Addams Family 2 has been officially scheduled for October 8, 2021. The teaser even plays with our emotions and the current pandemic times we are living in saying that it will only be “one more year until the world returns to normal”.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "It Chapter Two" ©GettyImages
Bill Hader at the premiere of “It Chapter Two”

Based on the famous New York creations of Charles Addams, MGM’s animated comedy featured an all-star voice cast including Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Cloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, Allison Janney, Elsie Fisherm and Snoop Dogg. Can you imagine working with these celebs in collaboration with the new movie? Well wait no longer! MGM is launching The Addams family Voice Challenge to offer fans around the world the opportunity to win a voiceover role for a character that has yet to be announced yet.

While no specifics of the plot have been made public, the studio released a logline saying, “The Addams get tangled up in wacky adventures and find themselves involved in hilarious run-ins with all sorts of unsuspecting characters. Always staying true to themselves, the Addams Family brings their iconic spookiness and kookiness wherever they go.”

I guess we will have to wait a year for these adventures! October 8, 2021, mark your calendars! Let’s hope COVID-19 doesn’t postpone this blockbuster for us.