Princess Charlene talks holidays with her family

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert's twins head back to school after winter break – see the pic!

It’s officially the end of the holiday season and these little royals are heading back to school! Princess Charlene of Monaco shared a picture of her and Prince Albert’s four-year-old twins, Jacques and Gabriella, heading off to school. “Back to school 2019,” the 49-year-old Princess captioned the photo. In the picture, the twins show that they are taking after their stylish mother. Jacques wore a dark blue puffer jacket that paired well with his blue bookbag. Gabriella is camera ready in a posh red teddy bear fur jacket with jeans and a pink bag.


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The twins, who started school this past August, enjoy getting an education. During a recent interview with French magazine Point de Vue, the Princess opened up about her children’s feelings about school – saying that her little princess is often upset on Saturdays when she wakes up and doesn’t have classes. Charlene also opened up about the pair and how fast they are growing.

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“They know what they want,” she said via Royal Central. “They know what they want, they speak very well and understand many things. It’s hard to believe they’re already four.” The twins and their family spent some time at home for the holidays and the former Olympian opened up about Christmas day, which started with the “pounding of little feet.” 

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“Children eager to open their presents and the barking of dogs,” she told the magazine. She continued by revealing the family's Christmas traditions: “We gather around the tree. My husband [Prince Albert], when he is with Jacques and Gabriella is at his happiest, and he always wants to wear something festive for the occasion.”

Princess Charlene opened up about the holidays at their home with Jacques and Gabriella  Photo: Getty Images

As for how the children prep for Santa's arrival, the Princess said that her children don’t go to bed before making sure he is set to come down the chimney. “They count the days until he comes down the chimney,” she noted. “They always leave a glass of milk and cookies for him, as well as water and grass for the reindeer.”

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