Prince George taking riding lessons like Queen Elizabeth

Prince George has picked up one of his Gan-Gan the Queen’s favorite hobbies

Prince George is taking after his Gan-Gan, Queen Elizabeth. According to HOLA!’s sister brand HELLO!, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s firstborn has been taking riding lessons at Windsor. The four-year-old future King has reportedly been practicing on a Shetland pony that belongs to relative Zara Tindall. A source said, "William and Kate were really keen to get George riding – it's something all the royals do and the whole family adore animals. But obviously he's only small so they didn't want to put him on a big horse. They asked Zara if they could use one of her Shetland ponies and he's been learning to ride on one of those."

George, pictured with mom Kate in 2015, is taking riding lessons Photo: Getty Images

It appears the Prince’s fondness for horses has only grown since 2016 when he sat on a pony for a brief moment during a children’s party in Canada, before gesturing to his father to get off. Like her big brother, Princess Charlotte has also taken up horseback riding lessons. Back in 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed to equestrian gold medalist Natasha Baker that her 17-month-old daughter at the time “really enjoyed” riding. Natasha recalled, "She emphasized that Charlotte has this passion about horses, and although she doesn't echo it, she'll do her best to champion and encourage it."


The Queen and her family are known for their love of all things equestrian. Her Majesty had her first riding lesson at age three when she was given her first pony, a Shetland mare named Peggy, by her grandfather King George V. At 92-years-old today, the monarch continues to ride in Windsor.

Her Majesty is an avid horseback rider Photo: Getty Images


Generations of royals share the Queen's passion, including her daughter Princess Anne and granddaughter Zara. Both royals have competed at the Olympics, representing Great Britain in equestrian events. Prince Philip once joked of his daughter Anne: "If it doesn't fart or eat hay, she isn't interested." Zara famously won Silver at the London 2012 Olympics and was presented her medal by her mom Anne.

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