Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar enjoy snowball fight with parents in annual Christmas video

Sweden’s Crown Princess family has us dreaming of a white Christmas! On Monday, December 18, the Swedish Royal Court released Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and their young children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar’s annual holiday video along with a message that read: “Crown Princess Couple, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar send a Christmas greeting from Haga Castle. Merry Christmas!”

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The foursome bundled up in winter gear as they frolicked in the snow at Haga Palace. Estelle, five, and Oscar, one, helped their parents decorate a miniature tree on the palace grounds before engaging in a friendly snowball fight. Victoria’s children looked adorable sporting matching white helmets and puffer jackets as they went sledding down a hill with their mom and dad. Little Oscar was recorded beaming while riding with Prince Daniel.

The Crown Princess family had fun in the snow recording their annual Christmas video Photo: Raphael Stecksén / Kungahuset.se

After playing in the snow, the family-of-four retired inside the palace, where they cozied up by the fireplace. Estelle gathered treats and brought them over to her parents as they played games by the fire. For last year’s holiday video, the family went hiking through Tyresta National Park to showcase Sweden’s “fantastic nature.”


The Crown Princess family’s heartwarming 2017 video comes a few days after Victoria, 40, and her two kids welcomed Christmas trees to Stockholm's Royal Palace on December 14. The engagement marked the first time Prince Oscar participated in the Swedish holiday tradition. Estelle and Oscar received the trees from students at the master's program at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The university has presented Christmas trees to the royal palace since the late 1960s.


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