When Kate Middleton arrived for her 2011 royal wedding to Prince William at Westminster Abbey wearing a gorgeous bespoke dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, it immediately became one of the most memorable moments in fashion history. While the ceremonial look was splashed on magazine covers around the world, little was really known about its' secretive creation process. However, this past Wednesday, November 22, when Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited the Royal School of Needlework (RSN), embroiderer Amanda Ewing, part of the team who made the gown, opened up about the level of secrecy that was surrounding its' creation.

One of the dressmakers behind Kate Middleton's wedding dress opened up about the secrecy surrounding the gorgeous gown's creation Photo: Getty Images

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"We knew who it was for, but it was very secret – we had net curtains up, and cleaners were not allowed into the room and the code on the door was changed," Amanda said about the process. "The dress was all in the news, but nobody knew who was doing it. When you're working, you just focus on it and try not think about what's in the news. But it was an exciting event and everybody loved working on it – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Embroiderer Amanda Ewing, who helped create the gown's lace, said: 'It was a once in a lifetime opportunity' Photo: Getty Images

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Duchess Camilla, who took over the RSN patronage from Queen Elizabeth in January, tried her hand at embroidering during her visit, before joking that she would utlimately just "leave it to the experts." Meanwhile, Sarah Burton has previously opened up to the New York Times Style magazine about designing Kate's wedding ensemble. "I loved making the dress, I loved adapting my ideas to suit the person and the occasion, and we put our hearts into it," she said. "I respect the intimate nature of that lovely project and I respect the friendships that were forged during it... an instinctive, intelligent, imaginative young woman's wish for a beautiful wedding dress – or any kind of dress – is the most natural thing in the world."

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