Prince Rainier helped with this chore when visiting Grace Kelly's family

While Grace Kelly was an Oscar-winning actress and her husband Prince Rainier III was royalty, the two led a relatively normal life as a couple behind closed doors. Grace’s sister Lizanne Kelly LeVine revealed in the new book Grace Kelly: Hollywood Dream Girl that her sibling and the Monaco royal visited her and her husband Don at their place where the Prince helped with everyday chores.

“Don and I were at our own little apartment, and we asked them over for dinner,” Lizanne recalled. “He fit in very well—even helped with the dishes. Rainier, when we first met him, I think might have been a little shocked with us when we’d say ‘Come on, Rennie,’ you know. But he fit into the family beautifully.”

><img alt=VIEW GALLERY Grace and the Prince of Monaco tied the knot in 1956 Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The Prince was able to get to know the Hollywood star and her family better spending time at her Pennsylvania childhood home. Rainier visited Grace for her family’s annual holiday party — during that time, he proposed. One of the actress’ friends — who also served as a bridesmaid at the royal wedding — Judith Balaban Quine said, “[They were] away from all public focus, walking in the woods, driving through the mountains and talking about life and values — and they fell in love.” Judith noted that Grace and the Prince were “wildly in love” and “adorable together.”

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She added, “They were both these wonderfully attractive people that had all this romantic charm, intelligence and wit, and coziness.” Grace and Rainier publicly announced their engagement in January of 1956. A few months later in April, the couple tied the knot in Monaco. “[It was] so hectic and quick and frantic,” Grace said of her engagement. “There was no time to sit and think about anything.”

><img alt=VIEW GALLERY The couple welcomed three children during their marriage Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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The royal couple went on to have three children together — Prince Albert, 59, Princess Caroline, 60, and Princess Stephanie, 52. Grace was tragically killed in a 1982 car accident. Prince Albert has previously revealed that his father “wasn’t quite the same man as he was before the accident.” Albert purchased his late mother's Philadelphia home in 2016. Earlier this year, Princess Charlene's husband opened up about his plans for the colonial property, revealing that it won't be “exclusively a museum" and that "different public events" will be held there. Albert told People magazine, "The house was very beautiful and very special to our family."

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