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Almost two months after giving birth, makeup guru Kat Von D has quietly revealed she had two miscarriages in the past. The 36-year-old opened up about her pregnancy difficulties while offering support to one of her Instagram followers. “I may never be able to have a baby (I’ve miscarried twice) but seeing this is beautiful and makes me cry happy tears," the follower said. To which Kat replied, "I miscarried twice before we had Baby Leafar. Never say never!"

Kat Von D revealed she suffered two miscarriages prior to the birth of her baby boy

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The heartfelt exchange between the Mexico-born beauty mogul and one of her fans happened after Kat shared a short clip where she is seen breastfeeding her five-week-old. Kat wrote, “Getting some of that vitamin Double D! 😜 Sunshine party! We try and spend daily time with Leafar outside in our front yard — especially now that he’s hit his first mental development leap at age 5 weeks.”


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She continued, “His heightened sense of alertness, smell and touch make going outside such a treat for him [and for us]. So much magical bliss [and boobs].” The celebrity tattoo artist and her husband, Leafar Seyer, announced the arrival of their precious baby boy, Leafar Von D Reyes, in early December with a unique photo in true Kat Von D style. The photo shows Leafar and mini Leafar  wearing all-black ensembles. A black carriage in the background showcases Kat and her husband's distinctly gothic aesthetic.

The couple's baby boy is just five weeks old

In the months leading up to their baby's birth, Kat announced she and Leafar would be taking some time off to focus on their little bundle of joy. The couple married in February of last year and when the Kat Von D Beauty founder was 38 weeks pregnant she shared her excitement with her followers on social media “This has been the easiest most comfortable pregnancy I could have ever imagined!" she said. "So excited to meet our baby Leafar soon!!!" 

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