Prince Royce is no stranger to running around a stage day in and day out, but the 28-year-old singer would be the first person to tell you, he isn’t a runner. “I’d say I was never a physical dude, I sucked at my gym class,” he told HOLA! leading up to Sunday’s TCS New York City Marathon. “I was never into sports like that, I hated cardio, kind of still do.” But when his cousin challenged him to go on a run with him in Central Park, he couldn’t say no. “We ran like two miles, and I couldn’t keep up with him,” the Dominican American shared.

Prince Royce signed up for the New York City Marathon Photo: Instagram/@princeroyce

“I said you know what, I’m going to run faster than you. I bought a pair of sneakers and signed up for the marathon. Now it’s become a part of me. It’s so much more serious than just a dare.” Royce, who is running on behalf of the National Kidney Foundation and the Change for Kids Foundation, has been training for about six months. Keep reading to find out how the Culpa al Corazón singer stays motivated and who his biggest support has been throughout.

Prince Royce opened up to HOLA! USA about marathon training Photo: Instagram/@princeroyce

HOLA!: What has been your biggest challenge training?
“I think between touring and recording, I’ve been living a double life. I still live the life of a singer and I’m recording and touring, but before a show I’d run seven miles. I’d have to wake up at 5 in the morning. I’d run in the middle of nowhere in Arizona, in the middle of the heat, it was exciting because I got to learn about the US too, see a lot of places I hadn’t seen before. Physically the challenges were, you start feeling pains you never felt before. A lot of it is mental as well. My mind has become very strong and a lot of perseverance.”

H!: How do you stay motivated?
“ I listen to music when I’m running. I just try to keep running and think about the finish line.” 

H!: Who has been your biggest support system?
“My biggest support has been family, everybody, friends, girlfriend [Shadowhunters Emeraude Toubia], fans, even myself. There are days that I don’t have it in me and I try to motivate myself, like ‘Yo the marathon is coming up you have to run.’”

H!: For anyone who doesn’t think they can run a marathon, what would you say to them?
“I’d say I was never a physical dude, I sucked at my gym class. I was never into sports like that, I hated cardio, kind of still do, I don’t think anyone loves cardio. I would have never imagined I ran 20 miles last week. I was so proud when I ran the 20 miles. I never thought I would have even run two or three miles. I think everybody can run, you just have to get used to it and get your head in the game.”

H!: Which organizations are you running for?
“I’m raising funds for the National Kidney Foundation, which is very close to my heart. My grandfather died from kidney failure and a lot of my family members suffer from kidney problems. I’m also raising funds for the Change for Kids Foundation, which is for underprivileged kids in New York City. I went to public school here so I identify with that story."  

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