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Ever dreamt of having a fairy tale wedding? Ever dreamt of having impeccable style? Perhaps having a Prince as a husband? Or maybe just that ~royal~ glimmer? Sure, we've all had the same daydreams, but we're not all Meghan Markle. However, I've come to tell you on this happy Friday that we might not be able to get married in Windsor Castle, but we can have that Duchess of Sussex glow. And—this is the best part—it's cheap! Meghan's facialist Nichola Joss just granted our wishes and shared some cheap and easy face masks that even the Duchess of Sussex swears by. Scroll for all the deets!  

Meghan Markle's facialist reveals cheap and easy DIY face masks Photo: Getty Images

DIY Mask #1 
For the first face mask, Nichola suggests a coconut oil and tumeric mixture. The former creates a "soothing, paste-like consistency," while the latter is calming and helps relieve inflammation and congestion." The results? Brighter and hydrated skin. "It's a simple recipe that works to both brighten and hydrate the skin," she shared with Refinery29.

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DIY Mask #2
Her second suggested face mask also involves two ingredients: oats and honey. A scoop of raw oats, which serves as a "gentle physical exfoliant," mixed with a spoonful of honey (a natural soothing ingredient) works "wonders on the skin." Pro-tip: While drizzling honey on your face, please also drizzle some on your yogurt because girl, you need to treat! your! self! 

Beauty BONUS
You may have heard that egg whites are good for your diet, but turns out they're also good for your skin! "Egg whites help with brightening the skin," Nichola says. Although she didn't give a specific recipe, we suggest whisking two egg whites and adding 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1/2 a teaspoon of honey for the best results.

The Duchess of Sussex herself approves of these home-made concoctions Photo: Getty Images

So there you have it. The secret to glowing skin is not always at Sephora. Sometimes, it's right at home. "At-home face masks are amazing, and I fully endorse them," Nichola shared. "They're easy, free, and you have full control of the ingredients you're putting on your skin — which is why most of my clients love them."

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