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Eiza González reveals the secret to smelling good in 8-minute beauty routine

When you lead a busy life like Eiza González, a beauty routine that will get you out the door in less than ten minutes is essential. Luckily, the Mexican actress whose skin is the definition of flawless, has a few tricks up her sleeve. She shared them with Vogue in an 8-minute beauty routine video. In the clip, Eiza talks fresh and natural beauty, how she covers up her facial scars and her secret to smelling good.

The Hollywood star's beauty routine includes foundation and a light sweep of powder Photo: Getty

Fresh and Natural
Within the first minute of the clip, Eiza makes it clear that less is more and skin comes first, makeup second. “Makeup is beautiful, but your skin is what’s going to be on your face your whole life,” she says. To keep that natural-looking glow, the soon-to-be 29-year-old begins with a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and SPF. Eiza then jumps right into concealer as the first makeup step to brighten and “wake up” her face. For the eyebrows, she brushes up and fills out with a pencil and gel for that coveted thick, bushy look. Moving on to foundation, the actress loves Neutrogena face tint in Honey which she rubs in with her fingers. “I never use a sponge, I’m a true believer of painting with your fingers,” she says.

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Covering up Scars
In an effort to minimize the look of a few of her childhood scars, Eiza dusts a light sweep of La Mer powder on her forehead and t-zone. “I don’t dislike them, but if I can tame them, it makes me a little less self-conscious,” she says. “I’ve learned to love myself with them all.” The Welcome to Marwen star then continues with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light to highlight her cheekbones, bridge of her nose and cupid’s bow.

Eiza's skin is always looking flawless with a fresh and natural glow Photo: Instagram/@eizagonzalez

Rosy Lips, Curse?
Who ever thought natural pink, rosy lips could be an issue? What we believe to be a blessing, Eiza finds it somewhat of a struggle. “You see, this is an issue, especially when we’re shooting ‘cause it always looks like I just ate a lollipop,” Eiza explains of her very pink lips. “I’ve tried to make it a little more dull, because the nudes are in tendency, but it just makes me look like I’m sick or cold,” she says. For this reason, she sticks to light, peachy colors like the Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Age of Consent she wore to the Oscars.


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Secret to smelling good
"My trick, is I like to use men's cologne because girls like it and guys like it,” she says. “It smells very different when you’re a girl because your ph will change the smell.” There you go! Perhaps now is a good time to start using your guy's new cologne. 

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