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Beauty alert: The miracle brow product that stops Camila Mendes from looking like a “mad scientist”

Camila Mendes is convinced her eyebrows make her look like a “mad scientist.” The Riverdale actress never fails to look well groomed on the red carpet, but in a feature she penned for Marie Claire, she admitted that she has to put effort into maintaining sleek eyebrows - and can't always experiment with the latest beauty trends. "I can't seem to rock trendy, bushy, brushed-up eyebrows. They make me look like a mad scientist!" she wrote. "My brow hairs are insane; they're all over the place. I use the Anastasia brow gel to brush them to the side and keep them in line but still looking full."

The Riverdale star said she can't rock trendy bushy eyebrows Photo: Getty Images 

Although we doubt Camila could ever look like a mad scientist, we totally get the struggle is real when it comes to unruly brows. The Virginia native claims it’s the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel that helps tame her brows while still looking full and natural. On their website, the miracle product is described as a “lightweight clear gel that sets color and holds brows in place for a clean, polished look that lasts.”

The beauty product saving Camila from looking like a "mad scientist"

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As beauty enthusiasts who are on the ongoing quest for discovering the best in beauty, this sounds like a product we could get behind. One look at her brows will make anyone believe whatever she’s using is doing wonders as she knows how to maintain them looking flawless. As for her hair, the brunette beauty likes to keep it real and said she prefers her natural texture. "I prefer to embrace my natural texture but polish it a bit, so it looks soft and effortless," she explained. "Since my waves are inconsistent, I just get in there with a curling iron to fine-tune the way they look. I do the bottom half first, then I hit the top half. Afterward, I'll put some anti-frizz serum on the ends and maybe do a quick smooth-over of the top layer."

The 24-year-old never fails to look well groomed Photo: Getty Images

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The 24-year-old continued she always keeps a Sulwhasoo tinted balm, a Glossier concealer, and a bottle of Giorgio Armani foundation in her make-up bag, and describes getting ready as her "me time.”

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