Michelle Obama’s trainer reveals the secret to her arms – and how Malia and Sasha are following suit

As Michelle Obama embarks on her 12-city tour promoting her new book Becoming, one would think it would be difficult to stick to her usual routine of hitting the gym. If her longtime trainer Cornell McClellan knows anything about his friend and client, it’s that a tenuous schedule won’t stop her, especially when she can do his Immortal Body Workout 8 class on demand series from anywhere. “Mrs. Obama, she probably could have been an athlete if she didn’t decide to go into law,” he tells HOLA! USA. “She and the president are those people who are the ideal clients, who come to you and are eager to participate and do everything. They design their life around it.”


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It’s apparent that the 54-year-old author is not just talking the talk, and they even live by example for her and Barack’s two daughters. “Because they live their truth, their daughters have learned that. They live a pretty healthy lifestyle.” That doesn’t mean all sweets and indulgences are out, at least for the lady of the house. “I think President Obama is even more strict than the first lady,” Cornell, who works with Michelle around four days a week, adds. “She is more comfortable with relaxing in a sense – I could have a little bit of this and that.”

Cornell, who first started training the Obamas in Chicago over twenty years ago, reveals just how dedicated the couple is to their overall well-being. “When I first started training them, and after they had children, one had to come in before the other,” he says. “There was a time she would come in at 4:45 am.”

The former member of the White House Wellness Council jokingly adds, “That is not his time of the morning. Even when I first came to the White House, it was interesting because we would have some early morning workouts where I would be coming to the gate at 4:30.”

Cornell's workouts have gone viral because of the former First Lady

His odd hours working out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might be over, but he has cherished and continues to feel it’s a privilege to train them. “The first time you get a call from AirForce One or something, you kind of have to chuckle,” he shares. “It’s a wonderful life experience and an honor.”

Cornell’s workouts have even gone viral after Michelle’s toned arms became a trending topic. “Of course, nobody planned that,” he says. “It certainly comes from her hard work and commitment.” The Naturally Fit owner shares that it took about six months for that definition to appear, and while it may vary from person to person, with these exercises you can have those “Michelle Obama arms” as well.

[Just remember: “You would not be fit if you only worked your arms,” so make sure to focus on other areas too!]

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