Pippa Middleton’s new nephew is adorable! Her brother-in-law Spencer Matthews and his wife Vogue Williams shared the first photos and name of their baby son in an exclusive interview for the latest issue of our sister magazine HELLO! "We are bursting with love. I honestly feel like he has been here forever, he has just slotted into our lives perfectly," the 32-year-old mom revealed during the at-home chat. "Every day has new meaning now," added her 30-year-old reality star husband. "It has exceeded all expectation of what I thought it would feel like to be a dad." They went on to announce the meaningful name of their son and to discuss they're thoughts on having more children.



Vogue and Spencer introduced their gorgeous baby in HELLO! Photo: HELLO! UK

"We heard the name Theodore one day and both loved it,” Irish broadcaster Vogue said. “We thought we would call him Teddy but since he has been born we have stayed with Theodore rather than shortening it.” Theodore has two middle names, each holding a special significance for the family: Frederick after Vogue’s late father and Michael after Spencer’s brother who died at 22 in 1999 after reaching the summit of Mount Everest. "His name lives on in our family and always will," Spencer said.


Vogue is already a doting mom to her son Photo: HELLO! UK

Vogue also opened up about her September 5th delivery for the first time, saying: "There were a few little hiccups, but it was perfect.” She teetered on the verge of having an emergency C-section with Spencer at her side, gowned and scrubbed up, before finally giving birth naturally. Spencer, who cut the cord, says: "Obviously Vogue did all of the hard work and I have nothing but love and respect for how she dealt with it all in the most admirable way. I could not be more proud of her."

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Already a doting mom, Vogue says her baby "is a mini Spencer.” She added: “I remember seeing lots of dark hair, and thinking, ‘that’s just like his dad’. He has his dimples too, and deep blue eyes." Becoming parents is the culmination of a happy and life-changing year for the couple from their engagement in January to their idyllic June wedding. However, as Vogue says, "The most life-changing thing we have ever done is to have Theodore, he is my biggest ever achievement." So smitten are the new parents, Spencer reveals, "Perhaps we’d like three more. We can’t wait to crack on and enlarge our family as much as we can. For now though I can’t imagine life being better than this."

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