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Salma Hayek embraces her beach body and grey hairs in new selfie

Salma Hayek is embracing the sun rays and her greys. The 51-year-old actress took to her Instagram to give summer one final kiss off. “Good bye #summer 2018 thank you for all the memories. Adios verana del 2018 gracias por todos los recuerdos,” she captioned the selfie in English and Spanish. In the picture, the How to be a Latin Lover star is all natural behind a pair of sunglasses that match her deep blue bikini. Salma also didn’t hide the grey hairs that laid down in the front of her ponytail.

Salma showcased her bikini body and her grey hairs in a beachside selfie Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek

All summer, the Hitman’s Bodyguard star has been unapologetically showing off her ageless beauty on the beach. Earlier this month, the mother-of-one shared a makeup free selfie next to the caption, "#nofilter #noretouching.” Salma also showed off her body in a stunning bikini next to a series of wave emojies. The actress is embracing her age ahead of her birthday. The end of the summer ushers in a new year of life for the beauty, who will turn 52 on September 2. 

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Last year, Salma opened up about the one thing she hates about getting older.  "The worst part of the aging process has been my eyes," she told the Edit. "Not the wrinkles — the eyes themselves. I’m such a visual person and (now) I cannot read without depending on glasses. It has been really, really sad.” She added: “The eyes, for me, that’s worse than the menopause.”

The How to be a Latin Lover star has had no problem showing off her bikini body all summer Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek


With her age, Salma, who recently renewed her vows with husband François-Henri Pinault, also embraced remaining beautiful for her love “I will sometimes say, ‘I am 50 years old! Why do I have to look good? I already got my guy!,’" she said. "But then, I don’t want to lose the guy, either.”

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