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Grown-ish actress Francia Raisa has a unique approach to handling her anxiety

Francia Raisa is joining celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Shawn Mendes to discuss her own battle with anxiety. The Grown-ish actress, who took a trip to NYC and “opened her eyes” during the Oculus Go VIP launch party, is using virtual reality to get her into a better space. Although she was forced to face dinosaurs and got a little motion sickness during the roller coaster experience, the 29-year-old learned how to use the simulation to control her thoughts. “I suffer a lot from anxiety which is something I’m opening up about a lot more now,” she tells HOLA! USA. “I've been finding out that more people have it. It’s been pretty helpful to know that I’m not alone in it."

Francia Raisa is opening up about her anxiety Photo: Getty Images

The actress, who is of Mexican and Honduran descent, had at first tried meditation to help her cope. “Someone was telling me about the Headspace app. I did it, but I just couldn’t shut off my mind,” she explained. “I gave up after day two [laughs]. When they were telling me about [VR], it was like okay this is the perfect thing to shut off your mind."

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After giving it a go, the Los Angeles native found where meditation failed her, virtual reality succeeded. "One of the things I was sold on [with VR] was you can go anywhere. If my mind could pretend that it’s on a rollercoaster, and I get motion sickness, then I can obviously get out of my body on a deserted island and actually relax.

The Grown-ish star says that virtual reality has helped her get outside of her thoughts Photo: courtesy of Oculus

The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress will be able to get some IRL rest and relaxation. She and boyfriend Chris Adkins are heading to the Cayman Islands for a friend's wedding, where she can't wait to not be at the singles' table. "It's my very first vacation with my boyfriend," she excitedly says. "I'm very excited to announce that this is my first wedding where for the first time in my life, I have a plus one."

Traveling is a big aspect to helping her manage her anxiety. "The more I've been opening up about my anxiety, the more I've been feeling better about it," she shares, noting that getaways with friends are key. "Just to get away for four days and be with each other and not think about work, boys or anything and just chill. I feel like trips like that will help navigate your dreams."

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