Jennifer Lopez's trainer reveals 'Spider-Man' workout used to tone star's body

David Kirsch is known as the trainer who is responsible for getting some of Hollywood's biggest stars into stellar shape. Jennifer Lopez, Kate Upton, and Heidi Klum are among the list of stars who have trained with David, and now he's revealed the insane move he makes them do to tone their upper body, and he's dubbed it the "Spider-Man push-up." The challenging move works the arms, chest and core, while also putting your balance to the test by using a semi-circle Bosu ball.


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The Spider-Man push-up is a regular push-up, except your arms are on opposite sides of the Bosu ball and every time you go down into a push-up, one of your knees comes out to the side and towards your closest elbow. "The moment you lift your leg up, you are forcing your core to stabilize your body," David explained to SELF. “If not, you would fall over. Lifting that leg up immediately draws your core in.”

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“This is a pretty comprehensive exercise,” he added. “If you’re short on time, you can do it as a standalone move and feel like you accomplished something." But it's not just David's workouts that keep the Not Your Mama singer in such good shape. At 48-years-old, J.Lo also follows a strict diet and mostly avoids sugar, dairy, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates. Guess we need to start channeling Peter Parker with Spider-Man push-ups as well because summer is right around the corner!

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