What do megastars Madonna and Kim Kardashian West both have in common? For one, they're incredibly famous; two, they’ve equally managed to get themselves on Hollywood’s current list of the most iconic people; and three, the both know beauty. After having been in the entertainment industry for so long, it’s a fact that both Kim and Madonna have become beauty experts, and both of them have launched beauty brands of their own. In 2014, Madonna launched MDNA, and in 2017, Kim launched KKW. On Thursday, the icons came together for an MDNA panel hosted by beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson to talk all things beauty and reveal some of their secrets.



MDNA SKIN hosts Madonna and Kim Kardashian West for a beauty conversation at YouTube Space L.A. Photo: Getty Images

The panel took place in celebration of MDNA’s forthcoming The Reinvention Cream, a product that the brand has said is infused with stem cell extracts from three different resurrection plants and the mineral-rich M.T. PARCA, that they claim will “nourish and moisturize the skin visibly reducing dryness and rough texture for a healthier and more radiant appearance”. But the cream certainly wasn’t the only thing that the two dished about during their time onstage

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"I sleep on my face, so I wake up with puffy eyes,” confessed Madonna onstage. “When I wake up, my eyes look like small planets, so I created these eye masks that are filled with eye serum, and I cannot speak to anybody until my eyes are not planets." The Material Girl also revealed that beauty first became important to her when she became aware that people were watching and judging her, claiming, “then you start thinking about the way you look.”

As far as beauty icons and inspirations, Madonna said that it was the Hollywood glamour crowd that really resonated with her, specifically Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich. “To me, they were the personification of feminine beauty, and it really looked like they all took care of their skin. And yes, they are all mentioned in my song Vogue.”

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As for Kim, her inspiration is her mother Kris Jenner. “My mom was a stewardess and all the girls would save their money for a beauty ‘tips and tricks’ class. She learned the trick of exfoliating with a hot washcloth and I wash my face with a washcloth every night.” Now, with so much hands-on experience in the industry, she’s become the one giving beauty advice to others.

"I love giving advice. People always come to me. I love analyzing someone's face and going with them to a doctor and being like, 'Wait, a little botox here and little here.' People write me -- I will not say who -- but people in the business, people that I've never even met before, and they'll text me and they'll be like, 'Hey this is so and so. I'm going to send you pictures and tell me what you think I should do.” Interested in hearing their entire 30-minute talk? Keep up with Madonna's Instagram page, which will reveal when it becomes available on MDNA's YouTube channel. 

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