Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham's hairstylist opens up about their looks

Long-time celebrity BFF's Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham share many things in common, from their taste in fashion to their similar sense of humor, but there's something, or rather, someone else that the pair both care deeply about — their hairdresser and friend Ken Paves. The celebrity hairstylist shot to fame after he and Jessica Simpson collaborated on a line of hair extensions, and he's only gotten bigger since then. Now, some of his closest friends and supporters are Hollywood A-listers, and since he spends so much time with them, Ken knows all about their hair secrets. Ken recently opened up to the Stylish about Victoria's new short haircut, Eva's pregnancy hair and what he thinks the actress will do after the birth of her first child.


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"I've worked with Victoria since she had a pixie cut and we just decided to do this new cut in the moment. We were getting ready in the morning and decided to cut it and we went quite a bit shorter," Ken shared. "If you want to stay current and fresh it's just about being in the moment and really honoring what you want. The cool thing about hair is that you can always change the length, color or add in accessories and try different styles."

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In regards to Eva, the hairstylist admitted to recently changing up her hair color. "She likes to keep her highlights very neutral and not too reddish or brown, so we've been doing a more balyage look," he explained. "We decided to use this technique so that we weren't too aggressive with something at the scalp or the root and really lifted and brightened her color." Clearly, as demonstrated in the photo he uploaded of the Desperate Housewives actress, the balayage he applied looks gorgeous on her.

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However, Ken does believe that Eva will want to switch up her hair after her baby boy is born. "I think she'll definitely switch up her hair when she becomes a mom. Eva has had so many different looks and hairstyles and she's a really great example of a woman living in the moment and honoring herself in the moment and I think that keeps people current," he said. "She also knows a lot about hair, so she will definitely have a great opinion on what we're gonna do next, but I love that she's open to always changing it up."

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