While Hollywood A-listers get high-end treatments to prep for awards seasons and premieres, sometimes an at-home remedy is all you need to achieve Oscars-worthy skin. Even celebrities like no-fuss solutions, with stars such as Gal Gadot and Kendall Jenner being big fans of DIY skin recipes. So, there's really no need for pricey products — all you need for a glowing complexion is already in your kitchen cabinet. Top-rated dermatologist and RealSelf contributor Dr. Michele Green shared with HOLA! USA her DIY secrets for a glowing complexion and they’re the perfect solution to great skin before a big night!


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The first thing you should do while prepping skin for an at-home treatment is making sure that your pores are open so that your skin absorbs the treatment better. To do this, Dr. Green recommended boiling water with green tea bags until it starts to emit steam. Once boiling, you must turn off the stove and place your clean face over the steam with your hair tied back. By doing this, your pores will slowly open up and begin to release what's trapped inside of them, so this is especially helpful for those with acne-prone skin. After five minutes, apply a mask or treatment on immediately for the best results. 

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For a bright complexion, Dr. Green suggested combining organic honey, organic fresh squeezed lemon and organic brown sugar to create a mask. Simply put the ingredients in a bowl, stir them and massage gently onto the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off the remains in the shower. As to why this home-made mask works, she explained, "Vitamin C is a natural skin brightener it is also an antioxidant and protects the skin against free radicals, honey is an anti-inflammatory agent and will soothe any skin irritations, and the brown sugar acts as a mild exfoliant."

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